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Multifunctional Grain Thresher for Corn Sold to Ghana

Congratulations! A customer from Ghana ordered a multifunctional grain thresher from us in November this year. It is called a multi-purpose thresher because our machine can do soybeans, maize, sorghum, and millet. As long as you want to carry out any or all of these four crops, you can use this thresher.

This Ghanaian customer’s local maize growing situation

Ghana is a major agricultural country and maize is one of the main crops. This Ghanaian customer grows corn locally and needs to thresh it after harvesting. He, therefore, wanted to buy a threshing machine for threshing maize.

Corn fields

The reasons why this customer bought this multifunctional grain thresher from Taizy

  1. The machine is cost-effective. This Ghanaian customer wanted to buy a threshing machine to thresh his maize and this multifunctional corn machine not only met his maize threshing requirements but also threshed sorghum, soya beans, and wheat, making it fully functional. In addition to this, the machine is also very affordable for a machine that can thresh four crops.
  2. Make profit. After purchasing this machine, he can also thresh maize, soybeans, and other crops for the local population for a fee after he has threshed and sunk the maize, thus generating revenue for him.
Multifunctional grain thresher
multifunctional grain thresher

Working videos for the multifunctional grain thresher