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Nigeria makes in-depth silage chopper machine factory visit for animal feed production

Recently, a Nigerian customer visited our Taizy silage chopper machine factory for a site visit. The purpose of the visit was to gain a deeper understanding of China’s advanced production process and technology in the field of agricultural machinery manufacturing, especially the grass chaff cutter equipment for silage making.

Nigeria visited silage chopper machine factory
Nigeria visited silage chopper machine factory

Detailed inspection of machine production process and quality control

During the visit, this Nigerian customer expressed high appreciation for the production and quality control system as well as the technical research and development capability of our silage cutting machine factory. He inquired in detail about the production process, performance parameters and operation and maintenance of the guillotine chopper and other key information. Because it was a pre-purchase visit on behalf of the government department, he was very serious and showed his serious attitude towards the purchasing responsibility of the government department.

Focus on silage making needs

It is learned that the Nigerian government attaches great importance to the development of agricultural production and animal husbandry, especially in silage making, and hopes to improve the efficiency and output through the introduction of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment(like silage animal feed cutting machine).

Looking forward to cooperation on silage chopper machine

We, as a professional agricultural machinery manufacturer, expressed our full support for the modernization of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, and the two sides held in-depth discussions on possible future cooperation projects, including technical support, after-sales service and customized production possibilities.

This silage chopper machine factory visit deepened the exchanges and cooperation between Nigeria and China in the field of agricultural machinery, and provided strong support for the promotion of Nigeria’s agricultural production and animal husbandry development. With more high-performance, high-efficiency agricultural equipment into the Nigerian market, we look forward to seeing the two countries in the field of agriculture to further deepen and expand cooperation.