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Forage Chopper | Fodder Cutter Machine

Forage chopper | fodder cutter machine

Product Parameters

Model 9Z-0.4
Supporting power 2.2-3kW electric motor or 170F gasoline engine
Motor speed 2800rpm
Machine weight 60kg(excluding motor)
Dimensions 1050*490*790mm
Production efficiency 400-1000kg/h
Number of blades 4/6pcs
Feeding method automatic feeding
Cutting length 10-35mm
Structure type drum type
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Our 9Z series forage chopper is a special design for silage, as its function is to cut all kinds of dry and wet grasses, straws, stalks, etc. Also, this silage chopper machine has a capacity of 400-1000kg per hour, high efficiency. The processed product can be used to feed cattle, sheep, deer, horses, and camels.

For places where electricity is lacking, you can use a tractor, or a diesel engine to drive it. The fodder cutter machine has various models and high efficiency, which is suitable for small, medium and large livestock farms.

Our grass cutting machine is mainly for the harvested grass stalks. If it is in the field, like straws, we recommend using a straw crushing and picking baler. If it is like corn stalks, we recommend using the silage crushing and recycling machine.

The forage chopping machine is ideal for making silage and is very popular overseas. For example, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, Madagascar, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Haiti, India, West Asia, Kazakhstan, etc.

chaff cutter machine working video

Type 1: 9Z-0.4 Mini Chaff Cutter

This small chaff cutter machine can use the electric motor or gasoline engine to provide power when working.

It adopts the automatic feeding method, saving time and labor. The cutting length can also be adjusted by adjusting the handle, which is adjustable within the allowed range. Moreover, this hay cutter is cost-effective. It is ideal for small feed farms and home use.

Chaff cutter machine-9z-0. 4
chaff cutter machine
Supporting power2.2-3kW electric motor or 170F gasoline engine
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight60kg(excluding motor)
Production efficiency 400kg/h
Number of blades  4/6pcs
Feeding methodautomatic feeding
Cutting length10-35mm
Structure type drum type
mini chaff cutter specifications

Internal Blades of Small Fodder Cutting Machine

The blades are made of strong and hard manganese steel blades, sharp and durable. It’s beneficial to cut the grass into small pieces, which is favorable for the animal’s digestion.

internal blades

Structure of Silage Chopper for Sale

From the below, it can be seen that its construction is very simple, with inlet and outlet, pure copper core motor, moving wheels, and working chamber. When operating, feed grass from the inlet, pass through the working chamber (the blade inside does the cutting work), and finally discharge from the oulet.

Structure of grass cutting machine-9z-0. 4
structure of grass cutting machine

Type 2: 9Z-0.4 Forage Chopper Machine with Square Inlet

Compared to the same model, the most obvious feature of this silage chaff cutter is that it has a square feeding port. This is mainly a fruit and vegetable feeder. It is also easy to operate and has good performance.

This small silage chopper for sale is equipped with a 3kW motor and has an output of 400kg per hour, with automatic or manual feeding. But it is more versatile, as it can cut grass and vegetables and fruits. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Grass cutting machine-9z-0. 4 square inlet
grass cutting machine with square mouth
Model9Z-0.4 chaff cutter with square mouth
Supporting power3kW electric motor or gasoline engine
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight60kg
Production efficiency400kg/h
Number of blades4/6pcs
Feeding methodautomatic/manual feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Multi-functional typeCutting grass and vegetable
technical data of silage chopping machine

Grass Cutting Machine Blades

The blades of this forage chopper can be seen to be very different from the previous one in terms of construction. Although the number of blades is the same if you look at the parameter table, the blade composition of this one is different inside it. This is because it is used for vegetables, fruits and grasses.

Blades of grass cutting machine
blades of grass cutting machine

Forge Chopping Machine Construction

This hay cutter machine has a square feed opening for fruits and vegetables. The rest of the construction is the same, with a pure copper core motor, moving wheels, and an outlet. It should be noted that this machine only has this one outlet.

Construction of forage chopper machine
construction of forage chopper machine

Type 3: 9Z-1.2/1.5/1.8 Silage Chaff Cutter

The biggest difference between this forage chopper and the previous one is that it has a high spray outlet and an output of 1200kg per hour. There are 6 blades inside.

The construction of 9Z-1.5 and 9Z-1.8 is very similar, but the output is just different. In addition, this forage chopper machine can also be equipped with a gasoline engine, mainly according to customer needs on the configuration.

Silage chaff cutter-forage chopper
silage chaff cutter
Supporting power3kW single-phase motor or gasoline engine
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight80kg
Production efficiency1200kg/h
Number of blades6pcs
Feeding methodManual feeding
Discharging effect7-35mm
Structure typedisc
technical data of forage chopper machine

Silage Chaff Cutter Blades

Internal blades of silage chaff cutter
internal blades of silage chaff cutter

Construction of Silage Chaff Chopper

This kind of forage chopper structure is also applied to 9Z-2.5A, 9Z-3A, 9Z-4.5A, and 9Z-6.5A. It consists of high ejector discharge port, chaff inlet, crushing outlet, machine knife cavity, copper core motor, and movable wheels.

Construction of forage chopper
construction of forage chopper

Type 4: 9Z-2.5A Forage Chopping Machine

This silage chopping machine has a capacity of 2500 kg per hour. Also, it has the same blades inside as 9Z-1.2 silage chaff cutter machine. Besides, the construction is the same, too. So, if you want to have an understanding of this machine structure, please refer to the 9Z-1.2 chaff cutting machine construction. On the side, it has a protective cover to prevent damage to humans.

Forage chopping machine
forage chopping machine
Supporting power3kw electric motor
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight125kg
Production efficiency2500kg/h
Number of blades6pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect7-35mm
Number of flicks18pcs
forage chopper specificationa

Forage Chopper Blades

forage chopping machine blades

Type 5: 9Z-2.8A Chaff Cutting Machine

Chaff cutting machine
chaff cutting machine
Supporting power3kW electric motor
Motor speed2840rpm
Machine weight135kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency2800kg/h
Number of blades6pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect7-35mm
Structure typedisk
technical data of silage chaff cutter

Fodder Cutter Machine Blades

Internal blades of chaff cutting machine
internal blades of chaff cutting machine

Silage Cutting Machine Structure

9Z-2.8A and 9Z-8A forage chopper machines have the similar construction, because they both have the oblique discharge port. The other structure is similar to other chaff cutter machines.

Silage cutting machine structure
silage cutting machine structure

Type 6: 9Z-3A Hay Cutter

Hay cutter
hay cutter
Supporting power4kW electric motor
Machine weight180kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency3000KG-4000kg/h
Number of blades3/4pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Structure typedisk
forage chopper machine specifications

Internal Blades of Hay Cutter Machine

Hay cutter blades
hay cutter blades

Type 7: 9Z-4.5A Chaff Cutter Machine for Agriculture

The forage chopper from this type can be used with a tractor. It can be driven by the tractor to move back and forth. Also, the output is gradually increasing.

Chaff cutter machine for agriculture
chaff cutter machine for agriculture
Supporting power5.5kW electric motor
Machine weight300kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency3000kg-4000kg/h
Number of blades4pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Structure typedisk
Number of flicks16-20pcs
industrial grass chaff cutter specifications

Blades of Chaff Cutter Machine for Agriculture

Chaff cutter machine for agriculture blades
chaff cutter machine for agriculture blades

Type 8: 9Z-6.5A Silage Chopping Machine

Silage chopping machine
silage chopping machine
Supporting power7.5-11kW electric motor
Motor speed1440rpm
Machine weight400kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency6500kg/h
Number of blades3/4pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-45mm
Number of flicks9/12pcs
straw cutting machine specifications

Silage Chopping Machine Blades

Blades of silage chopping machine
blades of silage chopping machine

Type 9: 9Z-8A Grass Shredder

Grass shredder
grass shredder
Supporting power11kW electric motor
Motor speed1440rpm
Machine weight550kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency8000kg/h
Number of blades3pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Number of flicks12pcs
Structure typeDisk
fodder cutter machine specifications

Grass Shredder Blades

Grass shredder blades
grass shredder blades

Type 10: 9Z-10A/15A Corn Stalk Cutter

Corn stalk cutter-forage chopper machine
corn stalk cutter
Supporting power15-18.5kW electric motor
Motor speed1440rpm
Machine weight950kg(excluding electric motor)
Production efficiency10000kg/h
Number of blades3/4pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Number of flicks15-24pcs
Structure typeDisk
hay chopper machine specifications

Grass Cutting Machine Blades

Thick manganese steel blades
thick manganese steel blades

Composition of Animal Feed Forage Chopper

Structure of forage chopper machine
structure of forage chopper machine

Benefits of Forage Chopper Machine for Sale

  • A variety of types and models are available for you to choose from, there is always a suitable one for you.
  • The blade is made of thickened manganese steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long life.
  • High efficiency, stable performance, and good quality.
  • With a wide range of applications, the grass cutting machine can cut all kinds of dry and wet grass, rice straw, straw, corn stalks, sweet straw, alfalfa, etc.
  • The chaff cutter can be equipped with the power of gasoline engines, diesel engines, and electric motors. This is very beneficial for those which disadvantaged areas.

Working Principle of Taizy Silage Forage Chopping Machine

In fact, it mainly relies on the blades inside the machine.

The stalk or straw is put into the inlet. With the machine operating and the blades rotating at high speed, the raw material is moved forward. Through the working area, the blades cut the material into small pieces, and then small pieces are discharged from the outlet. The whole process is very quick.

tractor-driven chaff cutter working video

Why Use Forage Chopper Machine for Livestock Farming?

Actually, the grass-cutting machine is mainly for the livestock industry. Livestock farming requires the preparation of sufficient silage, and the chopping machine is the equipment that can produce it. It can cut all kinds of dry and wet stalks, straws, etc., and has an important role in animal husbandry.

Successful Case: Tractor-Driven Fodder Cutter Machine Exported to Kenya

A customer from Kenya asked us about the guillotine. He runs a silage mill(has silage baling and wrapping machine) and sells various kinds of silage to the local area. Therefore, he wanted to purchase a large-capacity chaff cutter machine, preferably one that could be driven by a tractor and moved back and forth.

After understanding the Kenyan customer’s needs, Grace, our sales manager, recommended the high-output 9Z-10A/15A forage chopper. She also sent him the machine parameters, configuration, working video, etc. After watching it, the Kenyan customer found it very suitable for his needs and placed the order immediately.

After receiving the machine, the Kenyan customer also sent us a feedback video and said that he would cooperate with us again in the future.

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