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TZ-125 oil press machine for sale to Belgium

Good news to Taizy! In July 2023, one customer from Belgium bought an oil press machine for sale. The oil extraction machine that can be used for both cold and hot pressing can be adapted to the oil extraction process for a variety of seeds, ensuring that the quality of the extracted oil will be purer and meet the high demand for edible oil.

Oil press machine for sale
oil press machine for sale

What’s the client from Belgium looking for?

A customer in Belgium was looking for an efficient oil press for his personal oil extraction needs. Considering the different methods of extracting oil from different seeds, he wanted to choose an oil press machine for sale that could perform both cold and hot pressing.

Taizy oil press machine’s advantages

We recommended our hot and cold oil press machine for sale to the customer, which has several advantages in terms of performance and function. Firstly, it adopts advanced oil pressing technology, which can be applied to both low-temperature cold pressing and high-temperature hot pressing to maximize the retention of the nutrients of the oil. Secondly, the oil pressing machine has a compact structure and is easy to operate, making it suitable for personal use.

Meanwhile, it is also characterized by stability and durability, and can run continuously and stably to meet the long-term oil extraction demand.

Oil press machine for sale to Belgium

Oil press machine pi
oil press machine PI

Looking forward to your order about the oil press machine!

If you are also interested in our hot and cold oil press machine and want to have high-quality cooking oil, why not contact us? We offer customized services and can choose the right model of oil press according to your needs.