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Taizy paddy rice thresher helps Malaysian client bid successfully

Good news from Malaysia! Our paddy rice thresher helped our Malaysian customer to win the tender to supply 16 units of rice and wheat thresher to the local government for the development of local agriculture. Our rice thresher is also exported to Namibia, Peru, Poland and other countries.

Paddy rice thresher
paddy rice thresher

Why Malaysian government purchase paddy rice thresher?

Malaysia, a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, is famous for its rich agricultural products. Among them, rice and wheat are important food crops, which are vital to meet the food needs of the domestic population. Therefore, the Malaysian government has been committed to supporting farmers and improving food production and quality. To achieve this goal, the government has taken a major initiative to introduce efficient agricultural machinery in grain harvesting and handling, including paddy rice and wheat threshing machines.

The paddy rice thresher plays a key role in the grain industry. Our machine can quickly and efficiently separate the grains of rice and wheat from the husk and husk, which greatly improves the yield and quality of the grain.

The introduction of such machines helps farmers to complete harvesting and processing in less time, reducing manual labor and increasing labor efficiency. This is essential to meet the growing demand for food and also helps to improve the competitiveness of food exports, increasing the sustainability of domestic agriculture.

Taizy rice and wheat thresher advantages

Small wheat thresher machine
Small Wheat Thresher Machine

In the bidding, it stands out with its excellent performance and advanced technology, and the following are its main advantages:

  • Reliability and durability: This machine is made of sturdy materials and a precision manufacturing process for superior durability. It stands up to long hours of work and repeated use, and is adapted to a wide range of climatic and agricultural conditions in Malaysia.
  • Easy to operate: Our paddy rice thresher is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. This enables farmers and laborers to quickly master its use and improve work efficiency.
  • Competitive price: Taizy offers competitive prices, saving the government’s budget and enabling it to buy more rice and wheat threshing machines to meet agricultural needs.

Machine list for Malaysia

Rice Thresher MachineModel:5TG-50 with big wheels and push handle
Power:12HP air cooling petrol engine
Capacity:1200-1500kg/h paddy rice
Threshing cylinder: Dia300*Length 800mm
16 sets
machine list for Malaysia