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Multifunctional Wheat Thresher for Paddy Rice Wheat, Barley, Soybeans

Multifunctional wheat thresher for paddy rice wheat, barley, soybeans

Product Parameters

Model 5TD-50
Out dimension 1400×900×1050mm
Matched power(electric motor) 2.2-3kW
Matched power(diesel engine) 6-8HP
Work efficiency 500-800kg/h
Total loss rate ≤3.0%
Total damage rate ≤1.5%
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The wheat thresher is mainly used for threshing barley, wheat, rice and other grains (such as sorghum, grain, soybean, etc.). It has a capacity of 500-1200kg/h, and a loss & damage rate of ≤1.5%.

This thresher machine for rice wheat is mainly used to achieve the threshing operation of crops, especially suitable for large-scale post-harvest threshing in farmland. Thus, for flour processing factories or investment businessmen, it is a good choice to make profits.

Our rice wheat thresher machine has been very popular in many countries. Countries like Peru, Nigeria, USA, Sierra Leone, Oman, Ghana, Gambia, Trinidad, and Tobago. So, if you have an interest, please contact me at any time!

rice and wheat thresher for various grains

Available Wheat Threshing Machine for Sale

The functions of our wheat thresher machine are:

  • Threshing: Separate the grains from the straw on the ears of rice and wheat by mechanical means.
  • Cleaning: Synchronized cleaning in the threshing process, removing debris, deflated grains, straw fragments, etc., to ensure the purity of seeds.
  • Anti-mixing: with good anti-mixing performance, ensure that the seeds of different varieties will not mix.

There are four models of grain threshers available, and the technical parameters are listed below for your reference.

ModelOut dimensionMatched power
(electric motor)
Matched power
(diesel engine)
Total weightWork efficiencyRoller rotation speedFan rotation speedFrequency of 
vibrating screen
Total loss rateTotal damage rate
5TD-1252400×2490×1530mm11-13kW24-25HP450kg1500-2000kg/h1000r/min2500r/min 240time/min≤1.5%≤1.5%
4 types of wheat rice thresher parameters

What Materials are Threshed by Soybean Thresher?

Rice and flour are very common in daily life. They are very frequently eaten in daily life and in every person’s family. So, the thresher machine is necessary for threshing wheat and paddy rice.

Besides, sorghum and soybean can be shelled. They are rich in nutrition for human health. Soybean and sorghum have the functions of promoting digestion, reducing blood sugar and lipid, whitening skincare, and enhancing immunity.

Structure Advantages of Grain Thresher for Wheat Rice

  • Strong Practicality. Different crops use different screens, and many grains can be threshed.
  • Large wheels and brackets. This thresher machine is easy to move, and the construction is very popular with African customers.
  • Power system. It can be equipped with a diesel engine and a motor, and the 5TD-50 rice thresher can also use a gasoline engine, which solves the problem of insufficient power.
  • Customized service. For this small wheat thresher machine, different models we provide address machines according to your needs to meet your needs.

Spotlights of paddy thresher

  • High efficiency and stability: This paddy multicrop thresher can complete the threshing task quickly and efficiently, and it has strong adaptability to the dry and wet state of crops, maintaining a stable threshing effect.
  • Low loss rate: Less grain loss during threshing, improve harvesting efficiency and economic benefits.
  • Convenient operation: Simple structure, easy to operate, part of the model can be applied to different types of grain threshing by replacing the screen.
  • Wide range of applications: Not only for rice and wheat, but also can be applied to a variety of grain threshing work.
  • Strong flexibility: For laboratory small electric thresher, it can be used for a single spike to a certain number of spike samples for fine threshing processing.
  • Good durability: the paddy rice thresher body is made of corrosion-resistant materials, durable and able to meet the needs of long-term agricultural activities.

Wheat Thresher Machine Benefits and Price Analysis

Benefits Analysis of Wheat Thresher for Sale

There is a large population in the world, and almost all of them are based on rice and flour, whether it is Western or Chinese food. So overall, the market for rice and flour is very broad. The wheat thresher can thresh a variety of grains, which shows that it is very practical. Take threshing rice as an example, after using the rice thresher, you can get paddy rice, then you can use the rice mill plant, and finally get edible rice.

Also, this thresher for wheat and rice, millet, sorghum, beans is manufactured with big wheels and trays. This kind of thresher machine is very popular in Africa.

Analysis of Wheat Thresher Price

We have four models available. And every model has the corresponding capacity, matched power, and others. Moreover, the paddy thresher price is influenced by time cost, labor cost, production, etc. You can message us your detailed demands, we can offer professional advice about paddy thresher for your reference.

How to Choose Proper Place to Put Wheat Thresher?

  1. Determine a relatively spacious hardened ground according to the amount of work you need to dewheat.
  2. The distance must be kept relatively without obstacles.
  3. As far as possible away from residential areas, it should not be under the power transmission line.
  4. Appropriate fire prevention facilities must be provided, such as sand piles and water tanks filled with water or fire extinguishers.
  5. When working at night, it should be equipped with suitable lighting.
  6. The direction of the grass discharge outlet should be as consistent as possible with the wind direction.
  7. When the motor is used as power, the electrical equipment and lines used in the site must comply with the provisions of the national electric power standard, and the knife should be installed in a place where the operator can reach immediately, so that the machine can be stopped in time.
  8. When using the diesel engine as power, the user should connect the chimney with the diesel exhaust pipe, and lead the fire to the ground to meet the requirements of no fire hazard.

Maintenance of Commercial Wheat Thresher

  1. Every 40 hours of work, check the roller and fan bearings and add an appropriate amount of butter.
  2. At the end of each use, the thresher should run empty for 5 minutes to remove the remaining feed in the machine.
  3. At the end of the work, check the condition of the machine parts and carry out maintenance.

Successful Case: Rice Wheat Thresher Exported to Pakistan

In January this year, our sales manager Coco received an inquiry from Pakistan. This Pakistani customer inquired about a thresher. After learning that he wanted to thresh sorghum, Coco recommended this thresher to him. Also, Coco sent him the working videos and pictures.

Compared to the wheat thresher price in Pakistan, Pakistani customers decide to buy from us. Both parties confirmed the details of the machine one by one, and then signed the contract. And the machine is successfully shipped to Pakistan in March this year.

package-wheat thresher machine

Customer Feedback on Thresher Machine for Rice, Wheat

Tractor wheat thresher feedback from African client

After using the thresher for wheat, African users shared their practical experience through videos. They praised the paddy rice machine for its high efficiency and durability, excellent performance in changing weather conditions, greatly improving the efficiency of local farmland harvesting, significantly reducing the labour intensity of farmers, and being well received by the majority of farmers.

paddy wheat thresher feedback from Africa

Threshing wheat machine feedback from Ghana

Customers from Ghana showed the actual application effect of the wheat thresher in the local market through video feedback. They spoke highly of the equipment’s excellent threshing performance, easy operation and good adaptability, and believed that it effectively solved the problem of rice and wheat harvesting in Ghana, significantly improved agricultural productivity, and looked forward to further cooperation and promotion.

wheat thresher feedback from Ghana

Start Your Grain Threshing Now!

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