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Send peanut harvesting machine to Malawi dealer

We’re happy to share that we export our peanut harvesting machine to Malawi. Our peanut harvester is the farmers’ first choice for its high efficiency, reliability and economy. Now let’s see the case details.

Good performance peanut harvesting machine for sale
good performance peanut harvesting machine for sale

Customer introduction

Peanuts are one of the main agricultural products in Malawi, but the customer realized that the traditional manual harvesting methods were inefficient and could not meet the market demand.

As a distributor, he decided to introduce the modern peanut harvester(1 set for the first time, if the machine is good, he will order more later) to improve harvesting efficiency and reduce farmers’ labor burden.

Attractions of Taizy peanut harvesting machine for Malawi

  1. Efficient and labor-saving: Taizy peanut harvester adopts advanced technology, which is able to harvest mature peanuts quickly and accurately, greatly reducing the labor burden and improving the harvesting efficiency.
  2. Adaptable and easy to operate: This machine is simple in design, easy to operate and adaptable. In the plains, it can easily cope with the situation, so that farmers can more easily deal with the complex terrain and environment.
  3. Durable and reliable for long-term use: Our groundnut harvester is made of high-quality materials, which is durable and has stable and reliable performance. Farmers can use it with confidence and benefit from its efficient harvesting function for a long time, adding confidence and motivation to agricultural production.

It was the above highlights that attracted the Malawian dealer, who placed the order immediately and we carried out the transportation of the goods. The machine was packed and sent to his destination by sea.

Customer reviews on peanut harvesting machine

After receiving the machine, and selling it to the local farmer, he got reviews from his client, “With the proper depth, this machine can quickly and accurately sow peanut seeds in fields. Also, it’s easy to use, very simple to operate, friendly to us. I like it.”

This Malawi dealer gave us the customer’s feedback and said he would continue to work with us in the future!

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