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5HZ-1800 Peanut Picker for Sale to Germany

Congratulations to Taizy! A German customer ordered a large peanut picker for sale from us this year. Our peanut picker machine can be used in conjunction with a tractor and you can separate the peanut seedlings from the peanuts directly in the field, easily and quickly. Of course, it is also possible in other spaces.

Details of the process of purchasing this peanut picker for sale

In August this year, a German customer sent us an inquiry about a peanut picker. He had a large area of peanuts and when the peanuts were ripe for harvesting, he wanted a machine that could help him harvest them quickly and efficiently. So he started looking on the internet and when he saw our machine, he thought it suited his needs and therefore sent us an inquiry.

peanut fields

Our sales manager, Cindy, contacted him. Knowing that he had a large peanut area, Cindy recommended a large peanut picker with an output of 1100 kg per hour. Moreover, this machine can be used directly in the field, where the peanuts are available directly after harvesting. At the same time, Cindy also sent him examples of deals with this peanut picker and videos of customer feedback. After watching it, the German customer felt it met his needs and therefore placed the order for the peanut picker for sale.

Big size peanut picker machine
big size peanut picker machine

Questions about the peanut picker raised by the German customer during the conversation

What are the power systems that can be used with this peanut picker for sale?

For this machine, electric motors, diesel engines, and tractors can be used.

What are the advantages of this machine?

High efficiency, a loss rate of less than 1%, and a cleanliness rate of more than 98%.

Is it often exported out of the country? Which countries are there?

Our peanut picker is very popular with overseas customers and is often exported, for example to Senegal, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, etc.

Package and delivery of the peanut picker

After the production of our peanut picker is completed, a photo is taken and confirmed to the customer, after which it is packed for transport. Firstly the machine is packed in an iron frame, secondly, it is loaded into a container and finally it is transported by sea to its destination.

Peanut picker for sale
peanut picker for sale

Parameters of the peanut picker for sale to Germany

Groundnut picker machine
Peanut picker machine
Power: 22kw motor,28 HP diesel engine or ≥35 HP tractor
Rotation speed of roller: 550r/min
Loss rate: ≤1%
Broken rate: ≤3%
Impurity rate: ≤2%
Capacity: 1100kg/h
Inlet dimension: 1100*700mm
The height from the inlet to the ground: 1050mm
Weight: 900kg
The model of separation and cleaning: vibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen: 3340*640mm
Dimension of machine: 6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of the roller: 600mm
The length of the roller: 1800mm
Around 7CBM
1 set
Wearing partsA set of Bearings(21 bearings)
A set of Belts(11 belts)