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Big Size Peanut Picker Transported to Italy

Taizy new wet and dry peanut picker is a new product designed by our company in combination with the needs of modern rural production, the organization of technical personnel innovation. The peanut picking machine is suitable for different dry and wet degrees of peanut picking operation. Also, it has the advantages of reliable performance, perfect function, and high efficiency. The machine is most adapted to the use of pasture users, processing professionals, farms, etc. Moreover, it is machinery and equipment in the peanut production area to get rich in advance. So, this machine received the majority of peanut planting peng even the love of the people. Our machines are sold at home and abroad. A customer from Italy bought a large peanut picker machine from us.

Functions of Peanut Picker Machine

This peanut picker machine works with the corresponding tractor, mainly removing the seedlings from the peanuts with seedlings and then getting the peanuts.

Big size peanut picker machine
big size peanut picker machine

It directly feeds the harvested peanut seedlings with peanut fruits into the peanut harvesting machine by full feeding. And then process them into separation at one time. Peanuts and seedlings will be automatically separated through the machine rotation and thus separate. Separated peanuts fall to the vibrating screen, transported to the side of the machine body. At the same time, the entrapped leaves and weeds are blown outside by the fan. The remaining seedlings come out from the discharge port.

In this process, the peanut breakage rate is less than 2%. And after picking, you can get the clean peanuts. Thus, this peanut picker is really a good assistant for the farmers. Welcome to contact us for more classifications!

Why did the Italian Customer Buy Peanut Picking Machine from Taizy?

The Italian customer had a large field of growing peanuts. He wanted to buy a large peanut picker for peanut harvesting in the field. Therefore, after knowing his requirements, our sales manager recommended to him our large peanut fruit picker. In addition, she sent the machine parameters, performance, working video, etc. The Italian customer was very satisfied after reading it. But also on a few questions to confirm, such as tractor horsepower, after the conveyor belt how to pick peanut fruit, etc. Our sales manager answered one by one. During the whole process, the Italian customer felt that we not only have very good service but also have particularly solid knowledge. Finally, the Italian customer signed a contract with us.

Peanut fields
peanut fields

What are the Features of the Peanut Harvesting Machine?

  1. Simple and flexible operation, easy to use. Also, the internal layout is compact and clear. Because of these advantages, the users’ response to the peanut picker machine is very good.
  2. Peanuts that are dry and wet can use one machine to remove the peanut seedlings. The machine belongs to the current technology more advanced fruit picking machinery appliances.
  3. The peanut seedlings, peanut leaves, peanut fruit, and soil can be separated completely. No need to clean up the dust alone. You can dry peanuts directly, to a certain extent, and then store them. It is a good agricultural user’s intimate goods.

Feedback Video from Italian Customer on Peanut Picker Machine