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5HZ-600 Peanut Picker Machine for Sale to Belize

On March 1, 2023, after half a month of negotiation, a customer from Belize ordered a 5HZ-600 peanut picker for sale. The groundnut picker machine is featured with its good quality, great performance, and cost-effectiveness. Because our peanut picker meets this customer’s needs, the process of ordering the machine went very smoothly for this customer.

Why did this customer place the order so quickly for the peanut picker machine for sale?

Peanut picker machine for sale
peanut picker machine for sale
  1. Clearly his needs. At the beginning of our contact, this customer from Belize clearly indicated that he needed the 5HZ-600 groundnut picker. After reading the relevant quotation, it is more certain that the 5HZ-600 type of machine.
  2. Timely response and follow-up. After this customer’s inquiry about the peanut picker machine for sale, our professional staff Anna immediately replied to him and sent the relevant machine model parameters and price for his reference. Anna also answered promptly when the customer raised questions, and the trust between each other slowly increased.
  3. The joint advancement of both sides. Whether at the beginning of contact or in the process, both sides are adhering to the win-win cooperation concept for the peanut picking machine process to promote, and eventually led to cooperation.

Reference to Taizy peanut picker machine parameters for Belize

Peanut pickerPeanut Picker
Model:5HZ- 600
Power :15HP diesel engine
Picking rate:>99%
Breaking rate:<1%
Impurity rate:`<1%
Weight: 240kg
Size: 1960*1500*1370mm
1 set

Note This customer pays in full, and by the time the machine arrives at his destination (the entire voyage takes about 75 days), it will be peanut harvesting and picking season.