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TZ-1800 peanut picking machine for sale to Guatemala

Good news! We are very happy to share with you that in July 2023 a customer from Guatemala bought a large peanut picking machine for sale. From inquiry to the decision to buy is very fast, here we will see this case together.

Peanut picking machine for sale
peanut picking machine for sale

Quick decision and motivation for purchasing the peanut picking machine for sale

A customer in Guatemala, realizing the potential of the peanut industry and the market demand, decided to expand his peanut machinery business by purchasing peanut picking machines for sale.

After extensive research and communication with industry experts, he made a quick decision and planned to purchase 2 sets of large peanut pickers. He is interested in the high efficiency and convenience features of Taizy’s peanut picker machine, which he believes will help her gain a greater competitive advantage in the peanut industry.

Close cooperation with Taizy

The customer searched for several peanut picker suppliers in the market and finally chose a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer (Taizy) as a partner. The large peanut picker provided by the Taizy supplier met his requirements and offered full support including training and maintenance services. Both parties worked closely together to ensure that all the purchase details and preparation of accessories were properly organized.

Peanut picker accessories for smooth follow-up

In order to ensure the smooth use and maintenance of the peanut picking machine for sale, this Guatemalan customer decided to purchase the appropriate accessories.

Taizy provided him with a professional list of accessories according to his needs and ensured that these accessories could be delivered in time after the arrival of the machine. Details are seen in the “Machine list for Guatemala“.

Machine list for Guatemala

Peanut pickerPeanut Picker
Model: TZY-1800
Power: 30HP diesel engine
Rotation speed of roller 550r/min
Loss rate:≤1%
Broken rate:≤3%
Impurity rate:≤2%
Inlet dimension:1100*700mm
The height from inlet to ground:1050mm
The model of separation and cleaning:Vibrating screen and draught fan
The dimension of the screen:3340*640mm
Dimension of machine:6550*2000*1800mm
The diameter of the roller:600mm
The length of the roller:1800mm
2 sets
Feeding box with screwFeeding box with screw2 pcs
Conveyor beltConveyor belt2 pcs
machine list for Guatemala

Notes to the peanut picking machine for sale:

  1. Payment term: 40% as deposit paid in advance, 60% as balance paid before delivery.
  2. Warranty: 1 year.