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Russian customer buys pellet machine for animal feed

A customer in Russia recently purchased a Taizy pellet machine for animal feed for his own feed production. He understands the importance of feed quality to the farming industry, so he decided to produce on his own to provide high-quality feed for the farming industry.

Pellet machine for animal feed
pellet machine for animal feed

Advantages of Taizy feed pellet machine that attracted the Russian customer

The customer chose the Taizy pellet machine for animal feed out of trust in its excellent performance. The feed pellet machine stands out for its efficient pressing system and its design for a wide range of raw materials. Its flat die design makes it easy to operate and suitable for beginners, while the high pressure and temperature of the process ensure the quality of the feed.

Return on investment in pellet machine for animal feed

The reason why the customer chose to produce feed in-house was to improve feed quality control. He is now able to pinpoint the types and proportions of raw materials to ensure that the feed meets the nutritional needs of the animals, thus improving the productivity of the farming industry and the health of the animals

By choosing Taizy’s pellet machine for feed for his own production, the customer has not only improved feed quality, but also reduced costs. This brought him a higher return on investment and made his farming business more competitive.

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