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Precautions when using 9FQ animal feed grinder

Taizy has a wide range of grinder machines, which are very popular in the international market. Our animal feed grinder is a milling machine, which can grind all kinds of raw materials, so there are some precautions that need attention in the process of using the grinding machine. Based on our decades of experience, we would like to list the following points for your attention in the process of using:

Attention when using the animal feed grinder

1. Be careful not to mix hard objects such as stones and iron with the raw materials you put in, as anything too hard will damage the hammer and screen.

2. The red below is the bearing. Turn the red button to add lubricant, generally once a week. Specifically depending on the customer’s work intensity and frequency of use of the animal feed grinder. If using more, add more lubricant.

Grinder machine
grinder machine

3. The red arrow points to the pin. It may appear loose for a long time of use. Thus, you should check regularly, to avoid falling off. If it falls off, the hammer blade will also fall off, causing serious damage to the screen or machine.

Internal structure of 9fq grinder machine
internal structure of 9FQ grinder machine

4. All screws in the machine body may be loose in the case of prolonged operation, and should also be checked from time to time to avoid falling off.

5. Wearing parts for the grinder machine: belt, screen, and hammer blades.

If the belt is loose, you can move the motor, to tighten it.

Screen and hammer blades: if natural wear and tear within a year, we can provide them free of charge, courier costs should be taken by the customer.