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How to properly use the multifunctional threshing machine?

Taizy’s multifunctional threshing machine is an important agricultural machine that occupies a significant position in the agricultural field. Because it is a cost-effective thresher, it is popular among customers internationally. And the correct way of using it can improve its efficiency and prolong its service life. How to use the multifunctional grain thresher correctly? Let’s discuss the working principle, correct operation and precautions of the multifunctional thresher.

Multifunctional threshing machine
multifunctional threshing machine

Working principle of the multifunctional threshing machine

The working principle of the multifunctional threshing machine is actually simple and easy to understand. It is done by feeding the raw material into the threshing chamber of the machine and using the action of the rotating gears or blades to separate the kernels from the cob.

Working scene of multifunctional thresher machine
working scene of multifunctional thresher machine

At the same time, the multifunctional purpose thresher machine will adjust the appropriate speed and vibration intensity according to different threshing needs to ensure an efficient threshing process. If you want to thresh different crops, just change the matched screen.

Correct operation of the multi purpose thresher

Safety inspection: Safety inspection should be carried out before starting work. Such as pulley, frame, nuts, etc. Ensure stability when working to prevent mechanical or personal injury or death. In the same way, check whether there are cracks, disconnections or other damage to the pulley, bearing housing and other parts.

Test run: Before the official start of work, start the machine for a test run to see if there is jamming, collision and other abnormalities, and if there should be promptly excluded.

Multifunctional threshing machine for sale
multifunctional threshing machine for sale

Working place: The multifunctional threshing machine should choose a flat and open place. And pay attention to the natural wind direction, out of the grass and wheat chaff export as far as possible with the natural wind direction, in order to facilitate the smooth launch of impurities.

Precautions when using the multifunctional thresher

Do not overload. First of all, the multifunctional threshing machine is not overloaded. Do not let the multifunctional thresher overload work. Whether with electric motors, diesel engines or gasoline engines for power, the work can not be overloaded. The second is not overload personnel, continuous operation time is not long. Generally, work for 5 to 6 h, then stop. Check the thresher and its power machine for safety inspection, so that people get a break. Otherwise, accidents are very likely to occur.

Multifunctional thresher machine
multifunctional thresher machine

Usage safety. When using the motor for power, pay attention to the power and speed of the motor to match the thresher. Wiring should be solid and reliable. The power switch should not be far from the threshing site, so that in the event of an accident can quickly cut off the power. And the machine’s protective cover should not be easily removed to prevent accidents at work.

Maintenance. Before the operation, you should lubricate the multifunctional threshing machine operating parts, and clean up the machine inside and outside of the mud, wheat bran, debris, etc., to ensure that the threshing machine is in a better technical state of work. After the operation, you should also ensure that the multifunctional thresher is clean and free of blockage.