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Ghanaian client ordered 15TPD rice milling unit

Good news from Ghana! Our client ordered a 15TPD rice milling unit with a capacity of 600-800kg/h for his business. Our rice milling machinery is especially to turn the paddy rice into white rice for sale. Also, as a professional agricultural machinery producer and provider, we have the best offer for you. So our machine is very popular in the world.

Rice milling unit
rice milling unit

Why buy the rice milling unit for Ghana?

This customer from Ghana, with a dream of starting his own business, wanted to produce high-quality rice to meet the demand of the local market. After an in-depth understanding, he realized that an efficient and reliable rice milling unit is crucial for rice processing. Therefore, he urgently needed a rice milling machine for small-scale production.

Attractive features of Taizy 15TPD rice milling unit

15tpd rice milling plant
15tpd rice milling plant
  • Efficient processing capacity: Our rice milling unit is capable of processing rice grains quickly and efficiently, grinding them into high-quality rice grains to meet the customer’s production needs.
  • User-friendly operation: Taizy rice mill is designed to be simple and easy to operate, regardless of customers’ previous relevant experience.
  • Stable and reliable: The rice milling unit is equipped with advanced technology for stable performance and long service life, which allows them to work consistently and stably and ensures that there is no disruption to the production process.
  • Precise processing: Our machines are capable of fine grinding to ensure that each grain of rice achieves consistent size and quality, providing high-quality rice.
  • After-sales support: We are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales support, including installation, training and maintenance, to ensure that our customers are able to fully utilize the equipment and resolve any issues that may arise.

Purchased machine for Ghana

After a detailed understanding and comparison, the Ghanaian customer showed great interest in our rice milling unit. He recognized the advantages of our machine and believed that it would help him realize his dream of rice processing. Finally, he decided to purchase our rice milling plant to lay a solid foundation for his business project.

Rice millRice Mill
Capacity: 15TPD/24H (600-800kg/h)
Packing Volume: 8.4cbm
1 unit
Rice thresherRice Thresher
Power: petrol engine
Capacity: 400-600kg/h
With big tyre, petrol engine frame, handle as picture
Weight 105kg
2 pcs
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