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2 Sets of 6-row Rice Transplanter Machine Sold to Chad

Our rice transplanter machine is specially designed for rice transplanting and is very suitable for large-area rice transplanting. For rice growers, it is an extraordinary transplanter. Also, this kind of rice planting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, great performance, and good quality.

Basic information to this Chad client

This Chadian customer is a local retailer of agricultural machinery and has his own store where he sells various agricultural machinery. This time it was a rice transplanter he was looking for his end customer.

Besides, this customer often imports from China and has his own agent in Yiwu, so it is more convenient to pay.

Why did this Chad client buy 2 sets of 6-row rice transplanters from Taizy?

Rice transplanter machine
rice transplanter machine

In fact, according to the initial request of this Chad customer, it was necessary to purchase 5 rice transplanters. In the process of talking about the rice transplanter machine, this Chadian customer thought he could buy 2 units for sale first and observe the later effect of using them. If it works well, they can continue to import from us and retail this rice transplanter.

Technical parameters of 6-row rice transplanter machine for Chad client

6 row rice transplanter6 Row Rice Transplanter
Model: 2ZG-6H
Number of Transplanting Row: 6
Diesel engine model: 188F 
Dimension: 2700*2165*250mm
Diesel Engine Output: 6.8/1800kW/rpm
Row to Row Distance: 300mm
Seedling Distance: 140,130,200,160,170,140mm
Net Weight: 350kg
Packing Size: 2250*1780*650mm
2 sets

Notes to this 6-row rice paddy transplanter:

  1. Payment Term: TT,  40% as deposit paid in advance, 60% as balance paid before delivery.
  2. Delivery Time: Within 15 days after receiving your payment.
  3. Wearing parts: planting arm, one machine with 2 pcs.