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Rice Transplanter | Rice Planting Machine

Rice Transplanter | Rice Planting Machine

Product Parameters

Model CY-4
Number of transplanting row 4
Power YAMAHA gasoline engine
Dimension 1950*1250*1300mm
Engine rotating speed 1800r/min
Row to Row distance 300mm
Plant to Plant distance 120/140/160/180/210mm
Transplanting efficiency 0.5 Acres/h
Gross weight 165 kg
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The rice transplanter is a specialized machine for planting rice seedlings into paddy fields, which saves labor and facilitates the smooth running of subsequent work. We have three types of rice transplanter: 4-row, 6-row, and 8-row. The 4-row and 6-row paddy transplanter machines are semi-automatic while the 8-row transplanting machine is fully automatic. Taizy transplanter machine is of excellent quality and high efficiency, making it an indispensable mechanical assistant for rice growers.

As a comprehensive agricultural manufacturer and supplier, we also have the vegetable transplanter and nursery-raising machine for all kinds of fruits and vegetable seedlings. If you are interested, please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible with the optimal solution for your needs!

Type 1: 4-row manual rice transplanter

This 4-row rice transplanter machine is driven by a gasoline engine and needs to be operated manually, making it suitable for small-scale rice cultivation. It is also a labor-saving machine that allows for accurate planting and prevents missed transplants. If you have small fields to plant the rice seedlings, this machine will be a good choice for you.

Structure of 4-row rice transplanter machine

Generally speaking, there are several parts to form the structure for rice farmers to operate more easily and conveniently. For the paddy seedlings, the seeding box and seeding tray frame are to hold them. Because of working in the water fields, the wheel should be the paddy rice wheel in order to move easily. For the power system, it usually uses the gasoline engine to support the machine’s work. These are just some parts, if you want to know more, please refer to the below structure picture or contact us for more details!

4-row rice transplanter machine structure
4-row rice transplanter machine structure

Features of 4-row manual rice transplanter for paddy rice

  1. The distance can be adjusted when transplanting rice seedlings by means of the speed and distance adjustment handle, whose range is 12-14cm or 16-19 cm.
  2. When the machine is working in rice fields, the mud depth should be 15-35 cm.
  3. This machine allows rice transplanting to be carried out quickly and efficiently, saving labor and there are no mistakes or omissions in transplanting.

Technical parameters of the 4-row rice planting machine

Number of transplanting row4
PowerYAMAHA  gasoline engine
Dimension L*W*H(mm)1950*1250*1300
Engine rotating speed(r/min)1800
Row to Row distance(mm)300
Plant to Plant distance (mm)120/140/160/180/210
Transplanting efficiency0.5 Acres/h
Gross weight165 kg

Types 2: 6-row walking type rice transplanter machine

This 6-row paddy transplanting equipment can be used for medium-sized rice fields, which is more cost-effective for farmers. Taizy 6-row rice planting machine is also manual, and one person should control the machine when working. Thus, it achieves the combination work of person and machine. If you’re interested, welcome to get in touch with us for more details!

6-row hand paddy rice transplanter
6-row hand paddy rice transplanter

Features of 6-row paddy transplanter machine

  1. This type of rice transplanter has an adjusting range of 12-14cm or 16 -21cm.
  2. This machine can work in fields where the mud depth is 15-35cm.
  3. High efficiency, high precision planting.

Technical parameters of the 6-row hand paddy transplanter

Number of transplanting row6
Structure typeWalking by hand
Diameter of wheel(mm)660
PowerFour strokes gasoline engine
Output power of engine(kW/rpm)3.3/3600
Dimension L*W*H(mm)2370*2280*910
Row to Row distance(mm)300
Plant spacing (mm)210/180/160/140/120
Transplanting depth(mm)15-37
Transplanting Efficiency(Acres/h)0.1-0.25
Planting speed (m/s)0.28-0.5
Packing size(mm)2810*1760*600
Gross weight(kg)187
Units per 40HQ Container12 sets

Types 3: 8-row mechanical rice transplanter machine

Taizy 8-row riding type rice transplanter is a fully automatic rice planting machine, with a big capacity, suitable for the large scaled farms. When using this machine, the operator can sit to control the machine, which greatly saves time and power, much more convenient to plant paddy rice seedlings.

Charicteristics of 8-row paddy rice transplanter equipement

  1. The transplanting distance can be adjusted by the handle to meet your field’s needs.
  2. The mud depth is 15-35cm when the machine is working in the paddy fields.
  3. Large capacity, lightweight machine, to meet the needs of farmers.

Specifications of the 8-row rice transplanter for sale

Number of transplanting row8
Diesel engine model178F
Dimension L*W*H(mm)2410*2165*1300mm
Diesel engine output(kW/HP)4.05/5.5
Diesel engine rotating speed (r/min)1800
Row to Row distance(mm)238
Hill to Hill distance (mm)120/140
Transplanting efficiency0.5-0.75 Acres/h
Packing size2810*1760*600mm
Gross weight460kg
Units per 20ft container9 sets

Walking-behind paddy rice transplanter spare parts list

S/NName of the wearing partsPicture
1carburetter Carburetter
2Belt SB-33Belt sb-33
3oil seal 20×32×7Oilseal
4oil seal assemble30×52×12Oil seal assemble
5oil seal assemble15×35×11.5Oil seal assemble15
6throttle wire Throttle wire
7Steering clutch wireSteering clutch wire
8choke wireChoke wire
9transmission beltTransmission belt
10planting arm Planting arm 
11planting needlePlanting needle

The above is a list of the wearing parts of the semi-automatic rice transplanter. The various parts and functions of the rice transplanter can be seen in its name. When purchasing a machine, you can also purchase a few extra sets of wearing parts to ensure the machine will work properly.

Successful cases of the multiple rice transplanter machine

Our rice transplanters are excellent quality, good performance, and long-lasting machines. This is why they are so popular at home and abroad. Our machines are often exported abroad, for example to Togo and Pakistan. Usually, we pack the machines in wooden crates before loading them and sending them by sea to the customer’s destination(If the customer requires a different delivery method, it is also possible).

Video of Automatic Rice Transplanter Machine