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60-65bundles/h Round Silage Baler Shipped to Botswana

In February 2023, a customer from Botswana ordered a 50-model diesel-engined round silage baler, yarn, wrap film, and related accessories from Taizy. If you’re interested in this silage baling and wrapping machine, please contact us and also welcome to visit our factory!

Basic information about this client from Botswana

This customer has never imported a machine but now wants to buy a silage round baler machine for his own use. He was browsing the website and saw our products, so he sent us an inquiry about the round silage baler machine.

The whole process of talking about the round silage baler with the customer from Botswana

At the beginning of the contact, the customer asked for a 70-type automatic silage baling machine. After sending a photo video and a quotation, the customer looked at it and asked about the installation of the machine.

When discussing the installation of the machine, the client mentioned whether the silage packing machine was the only model available, so Cindy sent a quote for a 50-type machine. After reading the quote, the customer decided to buy the 50-model silage baler. Then they started to determine the location of the warehouse and the client wanted to pay the deposit now.

Round silage baler
round silage baler

In the process of paying the deposit, because the freight forwarder does not collect the payment, the customer decided to go to the bank to pay by himself. In the process, there were also problems with the customer’s cell phone falling into the water, the payment link failing, etc., but in the communication between the customer and Cindy, all these were perfectly solved.

In addition, when waiting for the deposit, the customer had some problems with the round silage baler, such as machine components, wearing parts, etc., as well as yarn for baling, film for wrapping silage, etc., Cindy answered all of them.

Finally, after paying the deposit, the customer wanted to replace the electric machine model with a diesel model. Cindy also communicated with our factory as soon as possible to meet the customer’s needs.

Reference to the machine parameters for Botswana

Silage baler with the diesel engineSilage Baler with diesel engine
Model: TZ-55-52
Power: Diesel engine:15hp diesel engine
Bale size: Φ550*520mm
Baling speed: 60-65 piece/h, 5-6t/h  
Machine size: 2135*1350*1300mm
Machine weight: 850 kg
Bale weight: 65- 100kg/bale
Bale density: 450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption: 2.5kg/t
Wrapping machine power: 1. 1-3kw,  3 phase
Film wrapping speed:13s for 2-layer film, 19s for 3-layer film
1 set
Around 85 bundles/ roll
3pcs (free) 
Around 80 bundles/ roll for 2 layers. Around 55 bundles/ roll for 3 layers.
and 1pcs (free)

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