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How to peel sesame seeds quickly and efficiently?

Sesame seeds are rich in nutrients and are widely used in the food and wellness industry. For example, sesame seeds are applicable in sesame paste, and sesame seeds are for making essential oils for body massage. In short, the sesame seed cleaning and peeling machine is the best choice for washing and peeling sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other similar seeds.

Sesame seed washing peeling machine
sesame seed washing peeling machine

Working principle of sesame seed washing and peeling machine

The sesame seed cleaning peeling machine mainly consists of reducer, tank, compound agitator, separating sieve plate, water adding pipeline, and each inlet and outlet.

The material is soaked by adding a certain amount of caustic soda to the hot water. The reducer drives the stirrer to rotate. Due to the structural characteristics of the compound stirrer, the material is circulated up and down and turned over. So, the mixture of sesame and infusion liquid is even and sufficient.

Using the relative friction between the stirrer and sesame seeds and between sesame seeds and sesame seeds, the sesame seeds are separated from the kernel, so as to achieve the purpose of sesame peeling.

Using the intercepting effect of the separation sieve plate, the inner skin of sesame is separated and discharged, while the sesame kernel is intercepted, so as to achieve the purpose of sesame skin-kernel separation.

How to operate the sesame seed cleaning and peeling machine?

As a professional sesame peeling machine provider, we, firstly, do some preparations. Material: 80-120kg of water at 60 degrees Celsius, 40-60kg of dry sesame, 1-1.5kg of soda ash.

  1. Heat hot water with flake soda, put dry sesame seeds and stir well, soak for 10-13 minutes, take out and drain.
  2. Add the drained sesame seeds to the peeling machine when it is on, and peel them for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add about 1/3 of water to the washing peel bucket first to prevent the sesame skins from blocking the mesh hole. Turn on the operation, then open the gate of the peeling barrel. At a later stage, when the sesame seeds can’t be stirred out automatically, open the pro-water valve to flush out the residual sesame seeds.
  4. Wash the peel bucket stirring for 5-10 minutes. After viewing the obvious separation of skin and kernel, open the bottom drain valve slightly, and open the inlet water valve in equal amounts. Make the sesame seed skin with the water discharge. About 5-10 minutes after the drainage port, no skin, close the drainage valve. Open the discharge gate.
Sesame seed cleaning and peeling machine
sesame seed cleaning and peeling machine

What are the benefits of removing the skin from sesame reeds?

Take black sesame as an example, after peeling black sesame, the seed benefits are as follows.

Hypoglycemic effect: can reduce blood sugar, and increase the content of glycogen in the liver and muscle.

Anti-inflammatory effect: sterilized sesame oil coats the skin mucous membrane, and has the effect of reducing irritation and promoting inflammation recovery.

Cardiovascular effect: the linoleic acid in the black sesame seeds can make the blood cholesterol content reduced, has the effect of preventing coronary arteriosclerosis.