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Why is silage forage harvester for sale in the world market?

With the continuous progress of agricultural science and technology, the application of new agricultural equipment in agricultural production is becoming more and more widespread. Recently, our company launched the “silage forage harvester for sale” which is on the market in hot sales, this set of harvesting, crushing and recycling is one of the intelligent agricultural products, for the solution to the problem of farmland straw processing provides a new solution.

Silage forage harvester for sale
silage forage harvester for sale

Functions of silage forage harvester machine

The main function of our silage forage harvester for sale is to complete the process of harvesting, crushing and collection of agricultural straw in one go.

This silage harvesting machine is uniquely designed to cut corn, wheat and other crop stalks or grass in the field directly into lengths and finenesses suitable for silage making, and instantly send them into collection containers, effectively avoiding the inefficiency and inconvenience of traditional manual or step-by-step mechanized operations.

Forage harvester
forage harvester

Advantages of silage forage harvester for sale

  • First of all, the efficient straw recycling capacity not only helps to reduce the environmental pollution caused by burning straw, but also can turn waste into treasure, improve the utilization rate of agricultural resources.
  • Secondly, the forage harvester has stable performance and simple operation, which significantly reduces farmers’ labor intensity and saves labor costs.
  • In addition, turn the straw into high-quality silage, and this can further enhance the efficiency of animal husbandry, to achieve the development of the agricultural circular economy.

Various models of silage harvesters for your choice

Currently, we have models of corn silage harvesters with different harvesting widths for you to choose from, covering the needs of different farm sizes and cropping structures, such as 1m, 1.3m, 1.5m, 1.65m, 1.8m, 2.0m, etc.

From small family farms to large commercial farms, our forage harvester machine has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure that it achieves the ideal pulverizing effect and working efficiency.

Silage harvester machine for sale
silage harvester machine for sale

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