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Silage harvester for sale in South Africa

Silage is an integral part of farming in South Africa. In order to cope with the increasing demand, farmers need reliable and efficient silage production equipment. This article looks at the current state of the silage market in South Africa, and the role and application of silage harvester for sale in South Africa.

Silage harvester for sale in south africa
silage harvester for sale in South Africa

Silage situation in South Africa

The demand for silage in South Africa’s farming industry continues to grow. Silage plays an important role in livestock farming, especially in dairy and sheep farming. As livestock numbers increase, South African farmers need more high-quality silage to meet demand.

Silage making
silage making

Types of silage harvesters for sale

A straw harvester machine is one of the key equipment to increase the efficiency of silage production. There are several types of forage harvesters available in the South African market. From small family farms to large commercial farms, various sizes of silage harvesters are available to meet different needs.

Below is the popular models and specifications for your reference:

Harvesting width1m1.3m1.5m1.65m1.8m2.0m
Engine(Tractor driven)≥45HP (withou t basket)≥60HP (with basket)≥45HP (without basket)≥70HP (with basket)≥50HP (withou t basket)≥75HP (with basket)≥50HP (without basket)≥75HP (with basket)≥60HP (without basket)≥100HP (with basket)≥70HP (without basket)≥110HP (with basket)
Recycling rate≥80%≥80%≥80%≥80%≥80%≥80%
Fling distance3-5m3-5m3-5m3-5m3-5m3-5m
Fling height≥2m≥2m≥2m≥2m≥2m≥2m
The length of crushed straw≤80mm≤80mm≤80mm≤80mm≤80mm≤80mm
Rotating blade283240444852
Cutter shaftspeed(r/min)216021602160216021602160
Working speed2-4 km/h2-4 km/h2-4 km/h2-4 km/h2-4 km/h2-4 km/h
Capacity0.25-0.48hectare /h0.25-0.48hectare /h0.3-0.5hectare /h0.32-0.55hectare /h0.36-0.6hectare /h0.36-0.72hectare /h
detailed technical parameters of silage harvester for sale
Silage harvester for sale in stock
silage harvester for sale in stock

Order a silage harvester macihne in South Africa

If you want a silage harvester, the order process is as follows:

  1. Contact us to ask about machines.
  2. Determine the type of machine based on your specific needs (i.e. tractor horsepower, with or without a recovery frame, etc.).
  3. Sign a contract and pay a deposit.
  4. Start the production of the machine and pay the rest of the money after the production is completed.
  5. Arrange a logistics company to deliver the machine to the destination.

Interested in harvesting silage directly from fields? If yes, come and contact us immediately. We’ll offer the best solution.