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Something you should know about corn silage harvesting

Corn silage harvesting is crucial for livestock farming. As a key link in silage production, the efficiency and quality of the harvesting process directly affect the feeding effect of livestock. This article will introduce important matters about silage harvesting and focus on the advantages of using our silage harvester for straw grass recycling.

Working principle of the corn silage harvesting machine

Our silage harvester reuses crop residue by cutting, crushing and recycling straw, grass, pasture, etc. The working principle includes harvesting, crushing and recycling of straw to convert crop residues into organic fertilizers or feeds, thus realizing the reuse and recycling of resources.

Corn silage harvesting machine
corn silage harvesting machine

Process of harvesting corn silage

  • Crushing: The grass ready to be recycled is conveyed to the crusher element, where the high-speed rotating blades or fragments finely crush the straw, converting it into small particles.
  • Recycling and storage: The crushed silage pieces are transported to recycling bins or storage silos for subsequent utilization or disposal.

The whole process is convenient and fast, and the silage harvester efficiently recycles and disposes of straw, providing reliable support and guarantee for agricultural production.

Advantages of using our forage harvester for chopping

  • High efficiency and cost saving: Taizy silage forage harvester can quickly and efficiently complete the harvesting and processing of straws and grass, saving labor and material costs.
  • Improve the quality of the soil: Crushing and recycling straws can restore organic matter to the soil, improve soil fertility and water and fertilizer retention capabilities, and promote plant growth.
  • Reduce environmental pollution: The use of straw crushing and recycling machine helps to reduce the environmental pollution caused by straw burning, reduce the emission of air pollutants.
  • Multifunctionality: Our forage harvester machine can not only be used for harvesting corn silage, but also can be applied to grass, pasture, stalks, etc, with strong applicability and flexibility.
Forage harvester for sale
forage harvester for sale


The use of corn silage harvesting machine provides an effective solution for silage production and improves the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production. Our straw recycling machine is favored and recognized by the majority of farmers for its advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection and health, and contributes to the development of animal husbandry.