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Successful use of baler wrapper in Georgia

Our Georgian customer purchased our baler wrapper to make high-quality silage for government procurement. We included a manual and video of the installation and training of the machine so that it quickly learned how to operate the silage baling and wrapping machine and began to prepare the plant material into tightly closed parcels. This process is very efficient, far surpassing traditional methods, and has greatly improved the speed of feed preparation and shelf life.

Introduction of this baler wrapper project in Georgia

Purchaser: A company distributor

Item purchased: Silage baler machine with diesel engine, plastic nets and films.

Detailed case information: See case details in the mini silage baler sold to Georgia.

Feedback about baler wrapper from Georgian client

The customer was so pleased with the performance of the silage hay baler that he recorded a feedback video for us, showing how well the machine performed and how it has improved his farming business.

Baler wrapper from georgia
baler wrapper from Georgia

Video of Georgian client using machine to bale silage

feedback video from Grorgian client