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Types of Taizy peanut pickers for sale

As a professional manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment, Taizy is committed to providing efficient and reliable peanut pickers for farms of different sizes.

To meet the diversified needs of the market, we have introduced three models of peanut groundnut pickers: small, medium and large. Each model has unique advantages and is suitable for farms of different sizes and needs. Now let’s get more information on Taizy peanut pickers for sale.

3 kinds of peanut picker introduction

Small peanut picker: for small farms and families

Our small peanut picker for sale is designed for small farms and home users. This machine is compact, easy to operate and affordable. It can pick peanuts efficiently and reduce manual labor while increasing work efficiency. The small peanut picking equipment is ideal for users with small planting areas or limited capital.

Medium-sized groundnut picker: for medium-sized farms

This kind of groundnut picker machine is suitable for medium-sized farms.

This machine has a large processing capacity while maintaining efficient work. It accomplishes picking tasks quickly and accurately, significantly improving harvesting efficiency. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the medium peanut pickers for sale are a great choice for medium-sized farmers who are looking to boost their productivity.

Peanut picker for sale
Peanut picker for sale

Large peanut picker: for large farms and commercial production

For large farms and commercial production, Taizy has introduced the big peanut picker for sale. With its powerful picking capacity and efficient working performance, this machine is able to handle large quantities of peanuts in a short period of time, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.

With strong structure and durability, the large peanut picking machine is suitable for long-time continuous operation, making it ideal for large-scale peanut planting and commercial production.

Big peanut picking equipment
big peanut picking equipment

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If you are interested in peanut picking, no matter whether you are a small farm, home user, or medium or large farm and commercial production, we can provide suitable equipment to help you improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

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