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U.S.A. customer buys hydraulic oil pressing machine to process walnuts

The US customer is running a farm specializing in walnut production, located in Israel. They are committed to providing high-quality walnut oil and sought a state-of-the-art hydraulic oil pressing machine to optimize their production process.

Hydraulic oil pressing machine

Why use our hydraulic oil pressing machine finally?

When looking for an oil press machine in the early stage, this American customer also inquired about several hydraulic oil press factories He finally chose us after the feeling during the inquiry process and the comparison of the machines. The reasons are as follows:

  • High-quality machines: Our hydraulic press for oil extraction has stable performance and efficient oil extraction capacity, which can meet the needs of our customers’ large-scale production.
  • Professional service: We provide a full range of pre-sales consulting and after-sales support services to ensure that customers receive timely help and guidance during purchase, installation and use.
  • Customized needs: Customers’ special needs are one of the design considerations for our products, and we can customize the machines according to your requirements to meet their special needs in the production process.

Final order list

After detailed communication between the two sides, finally this customer purchased 180-type hydraulic oil pressing machine, and also added the vacuum oil filter, the production & delivery days, payment method and warranty periods were also negotiated and communicated, as shown below:

Hydraulic oil press machine
Hydraulic oil press machine
Model: TZ-180
Packing Size:800*900*1050
Working pressure:55-60Mpa
Heating Power:720w
Heating temperature:70-90℃
Sesame oil yield:43-47%
Barrel capacity:4 kg
Oil cake diameter:192mm
Capacity: 20kg/hour
Motor power:1.5kw
1 pc
Production days15-25 days/
Delivery daysAbout 40 days/
Payment terms100% payment by T/T or according to discussion/
Warranty period12 months/
agreed list about hydraulic oil press machine

Package and delivery details for USA customer

  • Package: Machine in wooden package
  • Transportation: By sea
  • Destination: Israel
  • Shipping time: Estimated delivery within 3 weeks of shipment

Quotation request for hydraulic oil press machine!

If you are interested in our hydraulic oil pressing machine or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the best quality products and services for oil extraction.