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15HP Walking Behind Tractor and Plough, Tiller Sold to Tanzania

In March 2023, one Tanzanian customer bought the 15hp walking behind tractor and matched attachments(double disc plough and rotary tiller). This customer is currently working in the Tanzanian embassy in Beijing. And he also said he could pay Yuan for his goods.

Quick order about the walking behind tractor for the Tanznaia client

The walking behind tractor with the plough and tiller is a highly versatile agricultural machinery that is designed to handle various farming tasks such as ploughing, tilling, and planting. The 15HP engine for the walking tractor ensures that the machine is powerful enough to handle challenging tasks

From the time we received this customer’s inquiry to the time the order was made (the customer paid), it took only two to three days to close the deal very quickly. That’s because the 15HP walking behind tractor with the plough and the tiller is the perfect fit for his needs. He thought its durability, ease of use, and ability to handle various types of terrain made it an ideal choice for his small-scale farm.

Also, he requested to deliver the machine goods to Beijing, he would ship the goods along with the containerized cargo from the Tanzanian Embassy.

Reference to the machine list for the client from Tanzania

PictureMachine specificationQty
Walking tractorModel SIZE:15HP
Structural weight:320kg
Gross weight:350kg
1 pc
Double disc ploughDouble disc plough 
Weight: 66kg                                              
Ploughing width: 400mm,
Depth: 120-180mm.                                            
Size: 1090*560*700mm                                        
Matched power: 8- 15 hp
1 pc
Rotary tillerRotary Tiller
151-Rotary Tiller
Transmission type: gear
Gearbox: side-feed of through shaft
Width: 100cm
Operation depth: 30cm
Blades: 24pcs
Weight: 100kg  
1 pc