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Walking Tractor and Its Accessories Sold to Congo

The walking tractor is very practical in the fields, and also has the advantage of cost-effectiveness. Our walk-behind tractor is often sold together with agricultural accessories and many customers prefer this combination. In December 2022, we sold a 20hp walk-behind tractor and its accessories to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why did this customer buy a walking tractor and accessories?

A 2-wheel tractor and its accessories are not only affordable but also very practical. This Congolese customer was very motivated to buy these machines because of their practicality and affordability.

2-wheel walking tractor
2-wheel walking tractor

The customer has his own plantation and was very clear about which machines he needed. So when he first contacted us he made it clear what kind of machine power he wanted and what kind of machine he wanted. And our salesperson, Cindy, responded positively and effectively. So the whole process went very quickly and smoothly.

Machine list for the Congolese client

Walking tractorWalking Tractor
Model size:20HP
Structural weight: 340kg
Dimensions: 2680*960*1250mm
Gross weight: 365kg
1 pc
Double disc ploughDouble disc plough 
Weight: 66kg                                              
Plough width: 400mm,
depth: 120-180mm.                                            
Matched power:8- 15 hp
1 pc
Rotary tiller 151Rotary Tiller
Net weight:105kg                                                                                               
Plough disc dimension: 900mm*200mm                                         
1 pc
2-row corn planterCorn planter
Matched power:15-20hp
Over dimension: 1200*1000*800
1 pc