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What is the best way to choose a suitable floating fish feed pellet machine?

As the name suggests, the floating fish feed pellet machine is a kind of machine to produce fish feed, of course, not only for fish feed, but also for shrimp, turtles, birds, and other kinds of feed pellets. Besides, there are various types and sizes. You can tell us what you need, and our sales manager will recommend the most suitable fish pellet mill for you according to your actual needs.

Moreover, as a highly professional manufacturer and supplier, we have a wide range of products. What’s more, we have been engaged in foreign export trade for more than ten years and have very rich experience. According to our past experience, we will summarize the following contents for your reference.

Are floating pellets good for fish?

The floating fish feed pellet machine can produce floating feed and sinking feed. Some fish prefer floating feed but some prefer sinking feed. The floating and sinking fish food are not good or bad, usually to be selected according to the feeding habits of the fish. Generally, the feed is puffed. In addition, this feed is rich in nutrients, which plays a positive role in promoting the growth of fish.

Floating fish pellets
floating fish pellets

The benefits of fish floating feed than are:

  1. Good stability. It has good stability in water, avoiding pollution of water.
  2. Easy to digest and absorb. The product is matured high digestion and absorption rate, and rapid growth of fish.
  3. Rich in nutrition. Nutrient-rich and balanced, promote the growth and development of fish and improve the utilization rate of feed.

What are the ingredients of floating fish feed?

When choosing fish food pellet machine to produce feed, you should understand how the ratio of the feed to be produced is. Different animals do not have the same production of feed recipes. This point needs to be kept in mind. In addition to that, whether the floating fish feed pellet machine you buy can produce the type of pellets you need, the size, etc. Because different fish have the corresponding feed ingredients, it’s important to be clear for you to understand the basic feed composition.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details! Our sales manager will supply the most suitable plan to facilitate your business.

Tips on choosing the floating fish feed pellet machine

  1. Which kind of animals to be fed. If you are planning to make fish pellets, check which kind of fish you intend to feed. Because some fish is suitable for the floating feed while some are suitable for the sinking feed. You should pay attention to this point.
  2. What kind of output you want. In fact, this is closely related to the size of your farm. Because buying a fish feed pelletizer is definitely to be able to meet your own farming needs. Our machines range from 40kg/h to 700kg/h. And, if you need more output, we have fish food pellet mill production line available for you to choose from.
  3. Whether it is within your budget. Buying a machine must be within your ability to buy. Find the most suitable machine (cost-effective machine) within your own ability, so that you will be happy. This will be considered a pleasant shopping experience.
Floating fish feed pellet machine in stock
floating fish feed pellet machine in stock

How does a fish feed machine work?