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Which kind of peanut planter machine is suitable for you?

With the continuous development of agricultural technology, it is vital to choose a suitable peanut planter machine for the peanut planting process. Taizy’s peanut planting machine occupies an important position among many brands and models. Based on our years of experience, the following advice is given when choosing a peanut seeder.

Peanut planter machine
peanut planter machine

Consider peanut sowing needs

Taizy’s peanut planter machine ranges from 2 rows to 8 rows, and even more rows are available. And customization is also possible. According to your actual needs, understand your peanut sowing needs, including sowing area, soil type and other factors, and choose the right peanut seeder. You can also tell us your needs, and our professionals will recommend the right planter for you.

Pay attention to the quality of sowing of the peanut planter machine

The sowing quality of the groundnut planter machine directly affects the seeding rate and uniformity of peanuts. Therefore, pay attention to the sowing quality of peanut seeders when selecting them. Taizy’s peanut planter has a good sowing effect and can adapt to different soil conditions of the machine. Our customer in Myanmar used our 4-row peanut seeder to plant a peanut field with good results.

Peanut planter machine performance

A quality peanut seeder is the best in all aspects of efficiency, ease of operation and durability. Care should be taken when selecting one. And Taizy’s peanut planting machine has high efficiency, easy adjustment and maintenance features that meet the needs of peanut growers. If you need such a machine, contact us quickly!

After-sales service of the groundnut planter

In the selection of peanut planter machine, pay attention to the after-sales service, to choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service and technical support. Timely maintenance and after-sales service can ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine and the solution of problems. Taizy has a professional after-sales service team, that can promptly solve the problems you encounter in the process of using peanut seeder, can ensure the smoothness of your use.

Choose a suitable peanut planter machine

In today’s ever-advancing agricultural technology, choosing an efficient and reliable peanut planter will bring great profit and success to your peanut growing business. Contact us at Taizy today to take action and choose the right peanut seeder to take your agricultural production to the next level!