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Why do farmers need to use the grain thresher?

The grain thresher is a very important thresher in the agricultural sector, mainly for rice, wheat, sorghum, maize, and soya beans, and also known as a rice and wheat thresher.

Crops play an important role in people’s daily lives and are a necessity. With the development of society, people now eat hulled grains, so grain threshing machines have emerged. But why is it necessary to use a grain thresher instead of human labor? The main reason is that the grain thresher has advantages that human labour does not have, as follows.

High degree of mechanization – use the thresher machine

Modern agricultural production methods are truly mechanized, leaving behind traditional human labour. And the use of threshing machines is the only way to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Compared with human labour, the use of the grain thresher is highly mechanized and does not require manual labour, and the structure is simple, easy to run, flexible operation, and very easy to use.

Excellent machine efficiency – the grain thresher works fast

Compared to manual labour, one grain threshing machine is sufficient for the work that three or four manual workers can do. And the efficiency of one machine for one hour is much higher than manual work, and the threshing effect is also very good, with no secondary reworking, saving a lot of time.

Grain thresher machine
grain thresher machine

Super machine stability – meet farmers’ needs

Using the machine has stable mechanical stability. The grain thresher will work consistently to thresh the grain and will not catch up with tiredness and strain. This is in contrast to manual work, which can be tiring and requires rest after long hours.

In addition, the machine threshing results are moderately consistent, whereas they may vary when threshing by hand.