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3 Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler

Product Parameters

Model 9YK-130
Power 22kw
Displacement of Oil Cylinder 80L/min
Normal Pressure of Oil Cylinder 18Mpa
Bale Size 700*400*300mm
Bundling Efficiency 6-8t/h
Bale Density 800-1100kg/m3
Weight 2600kg/h
Dimension 4300*2800*2000mm
Speed of Bundling Piston 4-8m/min
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3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler functions to compact, bundle, and pack hay straw into square shapes. From its name, it has 3 hydraulic cylinders to carry out the baling works. But for the power supply, this hydraulic press baler only utilizes the electric motor. Besides, the power of the electric motor is 22kW. Also, the bale size is the same as the double-cylinder hydraulic baler, 700*400*300mm.

Moreover, customers always use PE&PP bags to pack baled straws. That’s because it can keep for a longer time. This silage baler machine is a good partner for those who run farms, forage plants, as well as pastures, etc. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Structure of 3 Cylinder Hydraulic Baler for Sale

As a professional silage machine manufacturer and supplier, we manufacture the 3-cylinder hay bale machine in great design and attractive appearance. It has the motor, control cabinet, oil tank, inlet, and outlet. Actually, the structure is very easy to understand, the key point is to be clear with every part function when using the hydraulic silage baler.

structure-3 cylinder hydraulic baler
structure-3 cylinder hydraulic baling machine

Advantages of Hydraulic Hay Baler

  • Wide applications. This 3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler can bale almost any kind of straw, such as corn straw, silage, maize stalk, hay, grass, sorghum, wheat straw, etc. 
  • High work efficiency. Because it can bale 120-180 packages per hour.
  • Fully automatic. This hydraulic press baling machine automatically completes the compacting, bundling, and baling in one process.
  • Durable material. It adopts carbon steel, wear-resistant.
  • Long storage period. Naturally, it can last for 3 years.

Materials to Be Baled by Silage Baler

Generally, this 3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler can process straws, hay, corn stalks, sorghum, as well as wheat straw, etc. Of course, the above is included but not limited to. If you have doubts about some materials you didn’t meet before, you can contact us for classifications!

Baled materials
baled materials

Applicable Animals Breed by Silage

This 3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler is mainly used for silage storage, the purpose of which is to feed various animals and can help major livestock farms. In general, these silages can be used to feed cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, etc. Silage can be used as long as the animals are herbivorous.

Applicable animals
applicable animals

Finished Products by 3 Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

This 3 cylinder hydraulic silage baler machine is able to bale the silage into the square shapes. The finished products are usually stored in PE/PP bags. The main purpose of using these bags for silage packaging is to protect the silage from moisture and mould. Also, these kinds of bales allow long-term storage of the silage, in line with the original intention of the farmer to store it.

Finished products
finished products

Necessary Equipment for 3 Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

If you purchase the hydraulic baler from Taizy Company, from our professional view, we recommend you also purchase the crusher and conveyor. That’s because:

  1. This 3-cylinder hydraulic baling machine is so high that it’s very difficult for laborers to put grass.
  2. The hydraulic press baler also has very high output. Thus, only manual feeding is difficult to meet its needs.
Crusher and conveyor
crusher and conveyor

Similarities & Differences of Hydraulic Silage Baler

Generally speaking, in our Taizy Company, the hydraulic silage baler has 2 cylinder and 3 cylinder. Compared these, there are some similarities and differences. Let’s move on to be clear with these.

Similarities of Hydraulic Hay Baler

  1. Bale shape. Both bale into square shapes.
  2. Bale size. The size is also the same, 700*400*300mm.

Differences of 2/3 Cylinder Hydraulic Silage Baler

  1. Power. Double cylinder silage hydraulic press baler has diesel engine and electric motor alternative, but 3 cylinder only has electric motor available.
  2. Output. Double cylinder can produce 100-120 bags per hour while 3 cylinder can bale 120-180 bags per hour.

Working Video of Hydraulic Silage Baler Machine