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Cement Brick Making Machine for Sale

Cement brick making machine for sale

Product Parameters

Model DF4-35A without hopper
Molding cycle 35s
Power 4.8kw
Capacity Standard brick 240*53 *115mm 15000PCS Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 2400PCS
Plate size 850*550*30mm
Overall size 1250*1350*1550mm
Weight 750kg
Operator required 2-3
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The brick making machine is specially designed for the production of various types of bricks. It is loved by customers from all over the world because of its simple structure, easy operation and high cost performance. As a senior brick machine manufacturer and supplier, we have a wide range of brick machine models.

In general, the block making machine for sale can be divided into the clay brick machine and the cement brick machine. There are different configurations under each type of brick machine, please read on for more information.

Type 1: Cement Brick Making Machine for Sale

The cement brick making machine is the hot-selling model in the market, and many customers come back to ask about the cement block machine. Our brick machine has diverse models and is easy to learn, and the price is suitable, is a good choice for investment for brick production.

In addition, our machines are often exported on a large scale because of their excellent performance, so if you are interested in brick machines, please contact us!

Various Sample Bricks and Bricks Moulds

The shapes of bricks that can be produced as well as the types of bricks that can be produced as mentioned in the picture above can be produced by our brick making machine.

Paver blocks, color blocks, grass bricks, slope protection blocks, cubes, blocks used along the road, etc. can be produced by Taizy block making machine.

Detailed Parameters of Cement Brick Machine for Sale

We have 10 models of cement brick machines for sale, each with different capacity and configuration details, the specific parameters can be found below.

ModelMachine pictureMolding cycleEquipped with powerCapacityPlate sizeOverall sizeWeightOperator required
DF2-45Df2 45 block machine45s1.1kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 3600PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 600PCS
DF3-45Df3 45 brick machine45s1.1kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 8000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 1000PCS
DF4-45Df4 4545s3.7kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 12000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 1800PCS
DF-diesel engineDf45s8hpStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 3600PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 600PCS
DF4-35A without hopperDf4 35a without hopper35s4.8kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 15000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 2400PCS
DF4-35A with hopperDf4 35a with hopper35s4.8kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 20000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 3200PCS
DF4-35B without hopperDf4 35b without hopper35s6.3kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 15000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 2400PCS
DF4-35B with hopperDf4 35b with hopper35s6.3kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 20000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 3200PCS
DF4-40A without hopperDf4 40a without hopper35s7.5kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 20000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 3200PCS
DF4-40A automatic brick machineDf4 40a automatic brick machine35s7.5kwStandard brick 240*53 *115mm 24000PCS
Hollow bricks 390*190 *190mm 3600PCS
all types of cement brick making machine for sale

Type 2: Clay Brick Making Machine – Free Buring Block Machine

This brick machine is a clay brick machine, i.e., a no-burn brick machine, which mainly uses clay for the production of bricks that can be made. This brick machine can be used together with other machines to produce clay bricks fully automatically.

Structure of Fully Automatic Interlocking Brick Machine

Clay block machine structure
clay block machine structure

This match helps buyers produce the clay block very conveniently and efficiently, which is very practical in the brick production industry.

If you’re interested, welcome to contact us!

No.Machine part name
2Belt conveyor
3Hydraulic oil cylinder
4Main block machine
table list of automatic clay block machine

Clay Blocks Shapes & Machine Productivity

TypesBrick pictureSizeMolding cycleQty/MouldQty/hourQty/8hr
Clay brickClay brick300*150*100mm10s7pcs2520pcs20160pcs

What is the Flyash Brick Making Machine Price?

When you decide to buy a brick machine, you will definitely consider the price of the brick machine. And the price of brick machine is influenced by various aspects. For example, the manual cement brick making machine price is different from the price of a fully automatic clay brick machine. The price of the motor model of the brick machine and the diesel model of the block machine will also be different. In addition, the type of bricks that the customer wants to make should be considered. Because different types of molds are used, the price is also different.

So, when you want to buy a machine, you can tell our sales manager the shape of the bricks you want to produce and your budget, etc. Our sales manager can recommend the right solution for you according to your needs.

Package & Delivery of Taizy Brick Making Machine

After customers buy the brick machine from us, we will pack the machine after production. Because normally, it is shipped by sea to the customer’s destination, and various problems may be encountered at sea. The purpose of packing the fly ash brick making machine in wooden boxes is to better protect the block machine during the sea journey and to avoid any damage to the machine before it reaches its destination. The picture above is the packing of the brick machine.

Video of Taizy Cement Brick Making Machine