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Multi-purpose Sorghum Threshing Machine for Millet, Sorghum, Rapeseed

Multi-purpose sorghum threshing machine for millet, sorghum, rapeseed

Product Parameters

Model 5TGQ-100A
Power 7.5-11kw or 12-15hp
Peeling rate 99%
Capacity 1000kg/h
Weight 300kg
Size 1800*1000*2300mm
Packing 1800*800*1700mm
Application Sorghum, millet, rapeseed
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The 5TGQ series sorghum threshing machine is a sheller developed by our company specifically for sorghum, millet, and rapeseed. With a threshing rate of over 99%, this machine is an unbeatable grain thresher.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of agricultural machinery, there are three models: 5TGQ-100A, 5TGQ-100B, and 5TGQ-100C. Different models are available depending on the output. In addition to this, our grain threshers are often purchased by African governments for various government projects.

Types of Multi-crops Thresher Machine for Sorghum, Millet, Rapeseed

We have three types of sorghum thresher at Taizy, each with its own characteristics. Below you will find an introduction to each of them. We hope that the following will help you to better understand our three different types of sorghum threshers and give you a basic understanding of this machine.

Type 1: 1000kg/h Sorghum Sheller Machine

Large sorghum threshing machine

This type of sorghum thresher is the largest of the three models. This machine has an output of 1000kg per hour and is very efficient. For farmers who want to do large-scale threshing, this machine is of great help.

Not only that but this machine can also be used with an electric motor, diesel engine, or connected to a PTO, making it very easy to move around. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us!

Type 2: 500-600kg/h Multi-purpose Thresher Machine

This sorghum threshing machine is a kind of hot-selling machine at Taizy, and we often have foreign customers making centralized purchases, always in full containers. With an output of 500-600kg per hour, this machine is ideal for small to medium-sized growers. The machine is also very popular with charities.

The sorghum sheller machine can use a diesel engine, electric motor, or PTO-driven. It’s very friendly to people who lack electricity. If any need, get in touch with us immediately!

Structure of 5TGQ-100A & 5TGQ-100B Multi-crop thresher

S/NMachine partS/NMachine part
1Inlet4Dust outlet
2Screen mesh5Icker outlet
3Outlet6Diesel engine

This sorghum threshing machine is also available with a motor, PTO and this machine can be equipped with large tyres, depending on the customer’s needs.

Type 3: 400kg/h Sorghum Threshing Machine

This machine is the smallest of the three and is suitable for small-scale growers. With an output of 400kg per hour, this machine is very economical. It can also be used with electric, gasoline, or diesel engines, depending on the customer’s needs.

If you are not sure which type of sorghum thresher is right for you, you can contact us and our professionals will recommend the most suitable type of machine for your needs!

Structure of 5TGQ-100C Millet Sorghum Thresher

Structure of small sorghum threshing machine
structure of small sorghum threshing machine
S/NIndicated content
AInlet – workers put the raw materials into the inlet
BIcker outlet – the icker will be discharged from the outlet
CSeeds outlet – this outlet for good final products, and the final products will be very clean
DImpurity outlet – dust will be discharged from this outlet
EMotor – this electric motor can be changed into gasoline or diesel engines

Applications of Taizy Sorghum Threshing Machine

Our multifunctional grain thresher is mainly used for threshing sorghum, millet, and rapeseed, and its applications are similar to these three grains. If you have any questions, you can contact us and our sales manager will recommend the right machine for you according to your grains!

Applications of sorghum thresher machine
applications of sorghum thresher machine

Features of Millet Sorghum Thresher

  1. This thresher can thresh sorghum, millet, and rapeseed with a 99% threshing rate.
  2. This machine can be used with either an electric motor or a diesel engine, making it very friendly to areas with less developed electricity.
  3. The sorghum threshing machine is scientifically designed, structurally sound, stable, and easy to operate.
  4. The machine is designed for different grains and needs to be replaced with a matched screen.
  5. The machine can be equipped with a large wheel and can also be used with a PTO connection and tractor, which is very convenient.

Successful Cases of Taizy Sorghum Threshing Machine

Our sorghum sheller machine is very popular in the international market, often for retail export, and each time our customers buy our machines in large quantities for government projects or government purchases. For example, Kenya, Nigeria, and other countries. The picture below shows scenes of our transportation when the customer purchases a large quantity of threshing machines.

Technical Parameters of Sorghum Thresher Machine

Power7.5-11kw or 12-15hp4-5.5kw or 6-8hp3kw or 6hp
Peeling rate99%99%99%

Video of Taizy Sorghum Threshing Machine – How to Thresh Sorghum, Millet?