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Rice Combine Harvester for Wheat Paddy Rice with Thresher

Rice combine harvester for wheat paddy rice with thresher

Product Parameters

Model 4LZ-1.05C, 4LZ-1.05D
Crawler type Flat crawler; Triangle crawler
Cutting width 1100mm
Min ground clearance 190mm
Feeding volume 1.05kg/s
Size 3100*1440*1630mm
Weight 570kg
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This rice combine harvester (also called wheat combine harvester, small combine harvester )is multifunctional agricultural equipment that not only efficiently harvests crops such as rice and wheat, but also has a threshing function that separates the seeds from the husk using an inbuilt thresher. This machine improves agricultural productivity due to its flexible adjustability that allows it to adapt to harvesting in hilly conditions. Besides this small harvester, we also have thresher machine for wheat rice. If interested, welcome to contact us for more details!

Do you know the rice combine harvester parts and functions?

Machine partsFunction
Power systemMatched with world-brand diesel engine
High power, strong power
High efficiency in harvesting, threshing and traveling
Traveling systemLonger and wider tracks, more outstanding anti-trapping/anti-skidding effect
Equipped with super bright LED headlight for night harvesting
Waterproof and sandproof, durable
Conveyor systemHigher feed drum for reducing spillage
Cutting table lowered by 8cm for easy harvesting of dwarf rice and wheat
Feeding and conveying structure, avoiding back spitting and conveying jams
Threshing systemThreshing drum adopts gradual design, no jamming and higher threshing efficiency
Great straw discharge opening design, smoother straw discharge
Graduated format screen design, reduce spilling, lower the impurity rate
Operating systemUnique design, simple structure, safer operation
Multi-speed structure, easier to operate
Steep slope parking effect is better, no skidding when climbing slopes
components and functions of rice wheat combine harvester

Rice combine harvester specifications

As a professional manufacturer of agricultural equipment, our mini combine harvester for wheat rice is divided into different models according to the different tracks, but all of them can be used for harvesting and threshing of rice and wheat, the following are the specific parameters for your reference.

Crawler typeFlat crawlerTriangle crawler
Cutting width1100mm1100mm
Min ground clearance190mm190mm
Average ground pressure10.9KPA10.9KPA
Feeding volume1.05kg/s1.05kg/s
Size 3100*1440*1630mm3100*1440*1630mm
Engine modelKD1100FB DIESELKD1100FB DIESEL
Start methodElectric startElectric start
mini wheat rice combine harvester

Features of small combine harvester for rice wheat

  • Compact design: Because of small combine harvester, this combine wheat harvester adapts to limited arable land. Its relatively lightweight construction makes it easy to use in confined fields.
  • Versatility: This mini combine rice harvester is multifunctional and can be used to harvest rice and wheat, increasing the utilization of the machine.
  • Efficient capability: Despite its small size, small rice combine harvester is usually highly efficient. It can complete the harvest in a relatively short period, increasing productivity.
  • Easy to operate: Small combine wheat harvester is often designed to be easy to operate for farmers who do not have specialized skills. Simplified controls and operating systems reduce the burden on the user.
  • Adaptable: Thanks to their relative lightness and mobility, combine harvesters perform well on different types of soil and terrain, increasing their flexibility of application.
  • Affordable: Compared to larger combined harvesters, this rice combine harvester machine is usually more affordable. This makes the equipment more accessible to farmers and improves the technology level of small farms.
  • Low maintenance costs: Due to its relatively simple mechanical structure, mini combine harvester for wheat rice usually has low maintenance costs, reducing the burden on farmers.

How to harvest wheat rice by small combine harvester?

Start the rice wheat combine harvester

Operator starts the small combine harvester for rice and ensures that all systems are functioning properly. This includes the engine, cutting system, conveyor belt, etc.

Navigate to field

Navigate the mini rice combine harvester to the field to be harvested. During the movement, the operator needs to be careful to avoid obstacles and ensure that the machine runs smoothly.

Start harvesting

Once the machine has reached the appropriate position, the operator starts harvesting. A combine wheat harvester usually harvests the plants by moving the cutting head laterally and transferring them inside the machine for further processing.

Threshing and cleaning

Inside the machine, the wheat or rice pass through a threshing system that separates the grain from the plant. The remaining straw and weeds are usually discharged through a cleaning system.

Collection and storage

The threshed grain is collected and stored in pre-prepared sacks. When full, the grains can be unloaded for transfer to storage facilities or transport vehicles.

Monitoring and adjustment

Operator needs to constantly monitor the performance of the machine and make adjustments as needed to ensure an efficient harvesting process.

End of harvesting

When the field has been completely harvested, the operator stops the machine to perform final cleaning and maintenance tasks.

How about the rice combine harvester price?

The rice wheat combine harvester price is affected by brand, model, performance, configuration and market area. Generally, larger, more advanced rice combine machines are relatively expensive, while smaller or basic models are more economical. Similarly, quality-assured machines usually cost more.

For example, our mini rice combine harvester machine is priced differently for different configurations of the same model. The price is also different because of the difference in the tracks, one flat crawler and one triangular crawler. So to get the exact price of rice combine harvester, contact us directly and we will provide a detailed quote and understand the available models and their features.

Reputable mini combine rice harvester manufacturer and supplier

We are a reputable manufacturer and supplier of mini rice combine harvester, dedicated to providing reliable agricultural solutions to you. Known for their high efficiency, energy efficiency and durability, our products are meticulously designed to suit a wide range of farming conditions. In addition to that, we focus on the quality of our products and use advanced technology and quality materials to ensure superior performance and long life of our machines.

Also, we provide comprehensive after-sales service. Our service team consists of experienced technicians who are always ready to support you and solve problems. We provide regular maintenance services to ensure that the machines run stably for a long time. For customers’ needs and problems, we take timely response and solutions, and are committed to providing customers with the best experience.

Package and delivery of rice combine harvester machine for sale

After the customer has entered into co-operation with us, we take a series of initiatives to ensure that the combine harvester for rice is safe and undamaged during transport. We can either pack the machine in a wooden crate or ship it directly, depending on the customer’s needs.

Wooden case package: Our team packs carefully to ensure that every critical part is properly protected. For wooden crates, our team carefully packs and ensures that each critical part is properly protected. We mark clear labels and prepare the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

Delivery: The mode of transport is arranged according to the customer’s needs, including land, sea or air freight. We provide shipping tracking information to ensure that the customer is aware of the machine’s location and arrival time.

Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient packing and shipping service to ensure that our customers receive the quality rice combine harvester.

Tips for choosing paddy combine harvester

Paddy rice fields
paddy rice fields

Carefully select the right paddy combine harvester based on actual farm conditions and needs. You should consider the environment in which the rice is grown when making your selection to ensure that the rice combine harvester will perform well in different conditions. Here are some suggestions for you to consider based on the different characteristics of our machine crawlers:

If your fields are predominantly dry and not too muddy, the triangle crawler type may be a good choice as it offers better stability.

In muddy or deep mud-footed areas, the flat track type is more suitable as it reduces the impact of goodness on the soil and reduces the risk to your machine.

Order process of combine harvester machine

  1. Contact us to ask for a price: You first need to contact us to tell us about your needs and we will assign you a professional manager to provide detailed information.
  2. Get to know the machine in detail: During your discussions with the professional manager, you will gradually become more familiar with the rice combine machine and gain insight into your needs.
  3. Determine the machine: Based on the above, you can tell us very clearly the type of machine you want, the machine details, etc.
  4. Sign the contract and pay the deposit: After deciding to place the order, we will both sign the contract and you will need to pay the advance payment (usually 30%).
  5. Machine production: After receiving the deposit, our factory starts to produce the machine, and we will keep you updated on the progress of the machine production.
  6. Machine completion confirmation and final payment: When completing mini rice combine harvester machine, we will give you photos and video confirmation and you need to pay the balance and then box up the machine for delivery.
  7. Package and shipment: The machines are usually packed and shipped to your destination by sea (in special cases, this can be coordinated between the two parties).