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Automatic Paddy Rice Nursery Seedling Machine

Automatic paddy rice nursery seedling machine

Product Parameters

Model TZY-280A
Capacity 969-1017trays/hour
Power 240kw for deliver 120kw for seeding
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Seed funnel 30L
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel 45L
Sowing quantity(Hybrid rice) 95~304.5g/tray
Size 6830*460*1020mm
Weight 190kg
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Taizy’s rice nursery seedling machine is specially designed for rice cultivation, mainly for various kinds of rice seedling raising. This machine has high efficiency and can carry out 969-1017 trays of seedling raising in an hour. It is a nursery machine that plays a positive role in rice planting for large-area rice growers.

Because of its high efficiency, good quality, and good performance, this rice seedling machine is widely loved by customers, especially rice growers. If you are interested in this kind of machine, please contact us!

Why Use the Paddy Rice Nursery Seedling Machine?

Rice planting is a very important agricultural planting, accounting for a large proportion of grain. All rice growers know that rice seedlings should be raised, but the traditional way of raising seedlings is very tiring.

Before sowing, the seedling fields should be turned over several times, and enough farmyard manure should be put in, hoping to cultivate a good harvest that year. People often work in the field all day.

The use of the seedlings raising machine can quickly raise rice seedlings, and 969-1017 trays can be carried out in one hour, which is not only efficient but also greatly saves manpower.

Rice Nursery Seedling Machine for Sale

As a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of various agricultural machinery, we have two types of rice seedling machines, one is fully automatic and the other is semi-automatic.

Fully automatic rice nursery seedling machine

As the name implies, the fully automatic rice seedling raising machine can complete the whole work process with full mechanization and automation. In addition to the most basic main rice seedling machine, there are also machines including a tray feeder – a soil loader – a tray stacker.

Semi-automatic rice nursery sowing machine

Semi-automatic rice nursery sowing machine
Semi-automatic rice nursery sowing machine

The semi-automatic rice nursery seedling machine does not have a soil loader, so it needs manual soil loading. The other machines are the same.

Structure of Automatic Rice Seeding Machine

Structure of paddy rice seed sowing machine
structure of paddy rice seed sowing machine

Based on the great design, the automatic seeding machine has the function of soil spreading, watering, seeding, and earth covering as an integration, which can finish rice dish all operation procedures at one time.

Technical Parameters of Taizy Rice Nursery Sowing Machine

Power240kw for deliver
120kw for seeding
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel45L
Seed funnel30L
Seedbed soil auxiliary funnel45L
Sowing quantity(Hybrid rice)95~304.5g/tray
Thickness of subsoil18-25mm
Thickness of surface soil3-9mm

Video of Rice Nursery Seedling Machine – Fully Automatic & Semi-automatic Rice Seeder Machine