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Small Rice Milling Machine

Small rice milling machine

Product Parameters

Model SB-10D
Power 15hp diesel engine/11kW motor
Capacity 700-1000kg/h
Net weight 230kg
Gross weight 285kg
Overall size 760*730*1735mm
Loading QTY/20GP 24sets
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The rice milling machine uses to produce white rice, for commercial and home use. This rice miller machine is cost-effective, good quality, and durable. Besides, this machine can be powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. Unlike the rice milling unit, this Taizy rice mill machine is a small machine, which is often used in households, small stores, etc.

Taizy rice milling machine has been exported to the USA, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Nigeria, Mozambique, etc. If you are interested in this type of machine, please contact us!

Types of Rice Milling Machine

As a professional manufacturer and producer of rice milling machinery, we have a wide range of models of rice miller machines. We have four types of rice mills, SB-05D, SB-10D, SB-30D, and SB-50D. The output and weight of each model are different.

In terms of appearance, our rice mills are available in various appearances, common models, with cyclone, with cloth bags, etc. In short, it depends on your needs. If you have special and reasonable needs, our machines will definitely satisfy you.

Normal-type mini rice milling machine

Rice mill machine with cyclone

Combined rice processing machine

Advantages of Commerical Rice Milling Machine

  1. This small rice milling machine from Taizy has a reasonable structure and suitable layout, which is very user-friendly.
  2. The output of this small rice polisher ranges from 400-2300kg per hour, with a wide range of options to save time.
  3. The white rice produced by this machine meets the national food safety regulations and is high-quality rice.
  4. Taizy rice processing machine produces clean rice peeling, low rice broken rate, and a very good peeling effect.
  5. This rice huller machine can choose either the electric motor or diesel engine as power, which is optional.

Factors to Affect Rice Milling Machine Price

Our Taizy small rice milling plant machine is compact and reasonable in structure and has a competitive price in the rice milling machinery market. But the price is influenced by the following aspects (including but not limited to).

The models are different. Assuming that the selected power is the same, choose different models, the machine’s output, size, and so on are different, so the price of the machine is also different.

Power selection. For example, choose the SB-30D type of rice milling machine, because this type can be equipped with a motor and diesel engine, but the price of both is different. Thus, the price of the machine will also be different.

Wholesale machine. Because this rice huller machine is relatively small, we usually sell it wholesale. The price of the machine when sold wholesale is also different from the price of buying the machine individually.

Wholesale rice milling machine
wholesale rice milling machine

Wearing Parts of the Rice Processing Machine

Wearing parts of the rice processing machine

Rubber roller: 2pcs/set

Iron roller: 1pc/set

Conveying head: 1pc/set

Sieve: 2pcs/set

Hexagonal belt: 3pcs/set

These are the consumable parts when you’re using the rice miller machine. So, pay attention to these parts. Also, you can buy extra spare parts for ready.

Successful Case: Mini Rice Milling Machine Sold to Mozambique

In June this year, a customer from Mozambique contacted us and sent us an inquiry about the household rice miller via WhatsApp. He is a distributor and sells various rice milling machines in the region. Our manager Winnie provided him with information about the machine. After looking at it, he ordered 5 units for the first time and said he would continue to order if it worked well. In October of this year, he ordered 10 more units.

Technical Parameters of the Rice Milling Machine for Sale

Power10hp diesel engine /5.5 kW motor15hp diesel engine/11kW motor    18hp diesel engine/15 kW motor30hp diesel engine/22kW motor
Capacity400-600kg/h700-1000kg/h   1100-1500kg/h1800-2300kg/h
Net weight130kg230kg     270kg530kg
Gross weight160kg 285kg     300kg580kg
Overall size860*692*1290mm760*730*1735mm1070*760*1760mm2400*1080*2080mm
Loading QTY/20GP27 sets24sets18sets12sets

Working Video of the Taizy Rice Milling Machine