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TMR feed mixer for animal feed blending | Silage mixer

Tmr feed mixer for animal feed blending | silage mixer

Product Parameters

Model Vertical & horizontal feed mixer
Capacity 5-12 m³
Machine function Crushing,mixing and blending silage
Applications Cattle, cow, sheep, pig, rabbit
Service After-sales service, customization service, etc
Gurantte period 12 months
Order process Contact→Learn about machine→decide machine type→Pay deposit→Finish machine production→Pay balance→Shipment to destination
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TMR feed mixer, also called TMR mixer, is a kind of feed processing equipment integrating crushing, mixing and blending. At present, it is mostly used in cattle farms, sheep farms and other animal farms.

According to the different volumes of mixing cabins, each feed mixer can feed 200-2000 cows per day, which can replace the work of more than 20 workers, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly save manpower and financial resources, and improve feeding efficiency.

Based on the design structure, we classify this livestock feed mixer into horizontal feed mixer and vertical feed mixer. According using methods, there are fixed silage mixer and mobile TMR mixer. Interested? welcome to contact us for more machine details!

Types of livestock feed mixers for sale

Vertical feed mixer for sale

This type of machine is mainly used for powder, granular material mixing and stirring, using vertical shaft structure, spiral blade lifting the material for forced mixing, occupies a small area, easy to feed and is suitable for small and medium scale production.

Horizontal feed mixer for cattle

It is suitable for the uniform mixing of various feed, chemical raw materials, etc. It is characterized by the design of double-layer spiral belts or paddles in the horizontal cylinder, which ensures that the materials are fully mixed and have less residue, and it is suitable for the continuous operation of large quantities.

Customized feeder mixer with spreading

Similar to the spreader mixer, this one is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s special requirements, combining the integrated functions of feeding, mixing and spreading, which can realize accurate proportioning and efficient mixing, widely used in customized production lines.

Technical parameters of silage mixer machine for cattle

Capacity (m³)5912
Auger speed (R/min)23.523.523.5
Weight (kg)160033004500
Dimension (mm)3930*1850*22604820*2130*24805600*2400*2500
Structural shapeFixedFixedMobile
Matched power (kW)11-1522-3050-75
Blade quantity (pcs)Fixed blades: 7
Mobile blades: 34
Fixed blades: 9
Mobile blades: 56
totally 192
specifications of silage mixer for cattle

Working principle of mixer wagon

TMR full-mixed ration silage mixer is mainly composed of one or two augers. The spiral augers are divided into left-hand and right-hand. During mixing, the materials are rotated and mixed from both ends of the mixer wagon to the middle of the mixer at the same time.

Each spiral lead on the auger spiral body is equipped with a moving blade, which performs cutting work with the fixed teeth on the center line of the feeder mixer. It cuts and mixes the various fibrous forages and straws passing through, so as to achieve crushing and mixing uniformly with the effect of full-mixed ration feeding.

Advantages of TMR mixer for sale

  • Advanced and reasonable design and the bottom of the feeder silo is made of high-quality alloy steel, suitable for operation in any environment, safe and reliable work.
  • The cutting blade is made of high wear-resistant material with excellent craftsmanship, and high-quality high alloy steel, which greatly improves the service life and working efficiency of the product.
  • Flexible and convenient, safe and reliable.
  • It can directly put silage and various kinds of straw bales, straw and other fibrous feeds into the mixing cabin to be chopped and mixed, and the mixing speed is fast.

Applicable animals of dairy cattle feed making machine

Our fodder mixer is suitable for cattle, cow, sheep, pig, rabbit, etc feeding, especially for livestock farming or husbandry.

Applications of silage mixing machine
applications of silage mixing machine

Why use TMR animal feed blender to mix silage?

  • Ability to provide sufficient nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of cows and increase milk production;
  • Increase the intake of dry matter of cows, exclude the selective picking of cows for a certain kind of feed, which is conducive to minimizing the cost of feed formulation;
  • Greatly reduce the occasional occurrence of trace elements, vitamin deficiency or poisoning;
  • Reduce the incidence of cow diseases and increase the reproduction rate of dairy cows;
  • Greatly saving labor time and improving economic efficiency.

How about silage feed mixer price?

The price will vary according to factors such as model specification, processing capacity, automation degree and customization requirements. You can contact our sales team for a detailed product quotation and supporting service program to ensure that you invest in satisfactory silage mixing equipment at a reasonable price.

Contact us for more machine details!

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