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Silage spreader for cow cattle sheep feed mixing

Silage spreader for cow cattle sheep feed mixing

Product Parameters

Machine type Vertical and horizontal silage spreader for farm
Function Spreading silage feed for livestock raising
Power for machine Electric motor or diesel engine
Features Driven by tricycle; mixing and spreading in one; long service life
Service After-sales service; customization service; online service; enclose manul, video, etc.
Warranty 12 months
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Our silage spreader is to throw the finished mixed feeds directly into the feeding area to complete the feeding at once, driven by the tricycle. Our silage feeder mixer spreader has a common capacity of 3 cmb and 5 cmb, with mixing and spreading functions.

This silage feed spreader is widely used in agricultural and animal husbandry breeding areas, large and medium-sized feedlots and regulates the community feedlot feeding operations. A variety of pasture, crop straw, silage, and other fibrous feed can be mixed and stirred, then use this tricycle feed spreader for feeding operations.

We have two types: vertical and horizontal feed spreader mixer machines and both can use diesel and electric motor. If interested, come and contact us for more machine details!

agricultural spreader mixer machine working video

Types of silage feed spreader mixer machines for sale

Models of agricultural spreader machine based machine shape

According to the shape of the machine, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal, only the shape of the outside is different, and the function is the same. The shape of the silage spreader is as follows:

Models of cattle and sheep feeding spreader based on machine engine

Depending on the power the automatic silage spreader machine can be equipped with, we have a diesel model and an electric motor model.

Diesel engined silage spreader mixer machine
Diesel Engined Silage Spreader Mixer Machine

Diesel power tricycle cattle feed distributor

This silage spreading equipment can have both mixing and spreading functions, and it is very convenient to drive a tricycle to spread materials directly on the farm.

The tricycle feed spreader has 3 cubic meters and 5 cubic meters. Usually, if you choose the diesel model, we are equipped with 5 cubic meters.

Farm special electric tricycle feed spreader

This silage feeder spreader can have only a spreading function and is usually chosen with a capacity of 3 cubic meters.

Because of the spreading function only, it is usually used in combination with a feed mixer.

Electric silage spreader for sale
Electric Silage Spreader For Sale

Technical parameters of automatic silage spreader mixer

Because of the two power systems for agricultural spreader machines, there are different specifications. List for your reference.

Technical data of diesel-engined silage feed spreader mixer

Overall size4.7*1.7*2.2m
Spreading size600*470mm
Feeding size2500*1400mm
Number of batteries1
Tire750-16 600-143pcs
Bin size5m³
Bearing F210(4)
Conveying methodscraper
Spreading methodbi-directionality
Brakeoil brake
Spreading height60cm
Transmission methodhydraulic
data of diesel silage feed mix spreader

Specifications of electric feed spreader

Overall size3.6*1.5*2.0m
Bin size2.0*1.2*1.4m
Belt width400mm
Number of batteries6
Input voltage72V
Battery specificationdry battery Chaowei or Camel brand
Tire modelRear wheels 3.50*12 (2) + 5.00*12 (1)
Bin size3m³
Conveying methodapron
Spreading methodbi-directionality
Brakeoil brake
Spreading height60cm
Steering wheelknobbed
Electric motor1.5/1.5/2.2
Battery capacity70A
electric motor silage spreader machine parameters

Advantages of  feeding mixer spreading machine

  • Simple and convenient to use, easy to operate.
  • Reliable product quality, durable.
  • The spreading process can be adjusted according to the density of livestock lodging feeding material.
  • High efficiency, time-saving, saving farm space.

Professional silage feeder spreader manufacturer and supplier

  • Leading technology and product performance: Taizy silage spreader trucks adopt advanced design technology and manufacturing processes to ensure the high efficiency and stability of the equipment. The vehicles may be equipped with powerful power systems, precise feed control systems and flexible operation modes, which can adapt to the needs of different-scale farms.
  • Diversified model choices: We offer vertical and horizontal tricycle cattle feed distributors to meet customers’ needs for different types of feed spreading.
  • Double-side spreading function: Some spreaders are equipped with a double-side spreading function, which greatly improves the feeding efficiency, reduces the spreading time, helps the animals to feed evenly, and is conducive to improving breeding efficiency.
  • After-sales service guarantee: As a responsible manufacturer, Taizy provides perfect after-sales service and technical support to ensure that users can get timely and effective service after purchase, which enhances users’ trust and satisfaction with the product.
  • Customized solutions: For the special needs of different customers, Taizy may also provide customized spreader design solutions to adapt to different terrains, different scales and different feeding modes of the pasture environment.

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