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Deliver groundnuts shelling machine to Malawi

Our client was honored to be awarded the contract for the supply of the groundnuts shelling machine and multi-purpose thresher in a tender conducted by the government of Malawi. Our client, which belongs to an NGO, contacted us before the tender was launched and wanted our help to win the contract.

Solution for the Malawi government tender

To meet the needs of our customers, we provide detailed product manuals containing comprehensive information on groundnuts shelling machine and multifunctional thresher. The manuals include technical specifications, performance parameters, operation methods and maintenance guidelines for the machines. Through these detailed introductions, customers can gain an in-depth understanding of our products and better plan their use.

And finally, the client won the tender with the assistance of the Taizy professional sales team.

Machine production process and delivery arrangement

Our production team attaches great importance to the order and thoroughly inspects and tests the machine to ensure its integrity and performance stability during transportation and use. Currently, we are methodically moving forward with production and preparation as planned to ensure that the machine is delivered on schedule by July 30th.

Groundnut shelling machine package
groundnut shelling machine package

The Malawi customer has its own agent in Guangzhou, which can provide more convenient service to the customer. We will send the completed groundnuts shelling machine and multifunctional thresher to the agent on time for shipment.

Machine list for Malawi

Groundnuts shelling machineModel: TBH-800
Power :8hp diesel engine
7 pcs
Multi grain thresherModel: MT-860
Power : 8hp diesel engine
3 pcs
machine list for Malawi

Notes: Peanut shelling machine, each machine with a screen, to be packed in the wooden box; multi-function threshing machine, each machine 4 screens, to be packed in the wooden box.