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Groundnut Shelling Machine for Peanut Shell Removing

Groundnut shelling machine for peanut shell removing

Product Parameters

Machine brand Taizy
Model TBH-200, TBH-400, 6BHD-800D, TBH-800
Capacity 200-800kg/h
Power supply motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine
Advantages High efficiency, flexible power selections, customization
Service After-sales service, online guidance, 24/7 on line
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Groundnut shelling machine functions to remove peanut skin easily, getting the clean and whole peanut kernels. This kind of peanut sheller machine has a capacity of 200-800kg/h, with the advantages of flexible power systems, a high shelling rate and a low broken rate.

Groundnuts are rich in nutrients. Not only for oil extraction but also for the food industry. In addition, it can also be eaten directly. That’s why we use the groundnut sheller. Moreover, our peanut sheller has CE certificate.

Besides, our peanut shelling machine is very popular in many countries and regions. Such as Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Greece, etc.

peanut sheller machine working video

Industrial Automatic Peanut Shelling Machine for Sale

As a leading and professional agricultural machine manufacturer and supplier, we have various models to meet your requirements. Of course, every model of groundnut sheller has its strength and characteristics. I introduce them to you one by one.

TBH-200 Small Groundnut Shelling Machine

This kind of groundnut sheller can use the diesel engine, motor, and gasoline engine. One sieve is used in this sheller machine. But we will arrange two sieves along with the machine.

You can also customize the sieve according to the peanut shape. This kind of peanut shell removing machine has the advantages of high efficiency, low damage, and a high shelling rate. So, it’s a peanut shelling machine for home and small businesses.

Peanut shelling machine-tbh-200
peanut shelling machine-TBH-200

TBH-400 Automatic Groundnut Skin Remover

The peanut sheller has a similar power system as the TBH-200, three power devices are available. Also, two sieves are available, and only one is installed. The blower is taking impurities away. It uses a rubber roller.

Compared to the above machine, this industrial peanut shelling machine has a bigger capacity.

TBH-800 Commercial Groundnut Shelling Machine

The groundnut decorticator machine can use three power devices. And it has the advantages of two blowers and two sieves installed. The iron roller is applied to thresh peanuts.

Besides, this automatic peanut shelling machine can shell groundnuts twice, which brings much cleaner groundnut kernels.

Peanut skin remover-tbh-800
peanut skin remover-TBH-800

6BHD-800D Groundnut Shelling Machine for Project

This peanut shelling equipment is very similar to TBH-800. But this machine can be equipped with big wheels. African customers like this type of portable groundnut sheller very much. So, if any projects in Africa, you can contact us to choose this model to facilitate your business.

Groundnut shell removing machine-6bhd-800b
groundnut shell removing machine-6BHD-800B

Technical Parameters of Groundnut Shelling Machine

TBH-200200kg/h2.2kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 6hp diesel engine40kg650*560*1000mm
TBH-400300-400kg/h3kW motor, 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine//
TBH-800600-800kg/h3kW motor OR 170F gasoline engine, 8hp diesel engine160kg1330*750*1570mm
6BHD-800B600-800kg/h2.2-3.0kW motor160kg1330*750*1570mm
technical parameters of peanut sheller

Highlights of Groundnut Shell Removing Machine

  • Three power systems are available. The diesel engine, electric motor, and gasoline engine all can be applied to these four models. Hence, you have much selection space.
  • Sieves can be customized. In fact, we have collated enough sieves along with the groundnut shelling machine. However, we still can customize the sieve based on the peanut shape.
  • Different capacities can meet your demands. Our peanut skin remover is to peel peanut skins range from 200kg per hour to 800kg per hour. Hence, this can satisfy your various business scales.
  • Simple structure, easy operation, and stable performance.
  • High shelling rate, low damage rate.

Groundnut Shelling Machine Design and Fabrication

In our company, the peanut shelling machine design and fabrication are essentially friendly to users. From the hopper to the inlet, the whole structure is very easy to understand.

It includes the inlet, and outlet. Machine details have rubber roller, filter screen, the shaft of control baffle, and fan. Taking TBH-400 as an example, shown as below:

Working Principle of Industial Groundnut Shelling Machine

  1. Feed groundnuts into the hopper. And then depending on the rotation of the suspension sleeve and the rubbing force of the concave plate, completely to separate the peanut shell and kernels.
  2. Then begin to second select complying with the gravity separation sieve.
  3. The kernels come out through the outlet.

Why Choose Taizy as Top Peanut Shelling Machine Manufacturer Choice?

  1. CE certificate. Our groundnut shelling machine has CE certificate.
  2. Rich experience. Our sales managers have rich knowledge about products and experience in exporting.
  3. Famous brand. Since founded in 2011, we have provided machines to more than 80 countries. Such as Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Ghana, Singapore, etc.

Successful Case: 4 Sets of Peanut Shellers Exported to Nigeria

This Nigerian customer has a large farm growing peanuts, so he wants to buy a groundnut shelling machine. And because he would hire workers, he needed several machines. Our sales manager knew by communicating to him that he wanted 4 machines and the output was around 700kg.

According to the request of a Nigerian customer, Winne recommended the TBH-800 industrial peanut sheller machine to him. She sent a detailed introduction about the machine parameters, performance, configuration, etc., and the working video. He was very satisfied after seeing it and signed a contract with us.

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