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How to bale silage: easy-to-follow steps

Silage preparation is one of the most important aspects of farm management, helping farmers to store high-quality feed for their livestock during the winter or dry season. Baling silage is a crucial step in ensuring that farm animals receive high-quality feed. Our silage baling and wrapping machine provides farmers with an efficient solution that makes feed preparation easier and more reliable. In the following, we will describe the specific steps on how to pack forage.

Step 1: Selecting the right forage

Firstly, select suitable forage, usually green, juicy grass or maize plants. This ensures the quality and nutritional value of the final forage. The forage that you can buy or plant is suitable for your animal breeding.

Step 2: Harvesting

Harvest the forage using a harvester and ensure that the cut forage is of the right length, usually between 2.5 and 5 cm. In this step, you can use the forage harvester machine directly to harvest the forage for small pieces. Or you can use the harvester machine to cut the corn stalks for chopping.

Step 3: Crushing and chopping

Feed the harvested forage into a crusher or chopper to cut it into small particles for better compaction and storage. You can use Taizy chaff cutter for small pieces for the preparation to bale.

Step 4: Baling and compaction

Use a bale wrapper to compact the forage into a dense package. This prevents oxygen from entering, thus reducing spoilage. The packaged feed retains the original nutrition of the material and can be stored for a long time, bringing great convenience to animal feeding.

Taizy fully automatic silage baler and wrapper for sale

To help farmers prepare better animal feed, Taizy offers efficient bale wrappers. These machines offer excellent performance and ease of operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of feed preparation. Our baler and wrapper for sale uses advanced technology to compact feed into strong packages that retain their quality and nutritional value. These machines are not only simple to operate, but also offer excellent durability for long periods of on-farm work.

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