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How to start groundnut farming in Nigeria?

Even though the soil and climatic conditions in Nigeria are ideal for growing peanuts, many farmers still use the traditional methods of cultivation. How to get started in groundnut farming in Nigeria has become a hot topic, and Taizy’s modern peanut equipment is changing that.

Now let’s find out what peanut machinery from Taizy can help with in Nigeria and how it can help with local peanut farming!

Agricultural peanut equipment that can make a difference

Peanut planter

Our peanut seed planter can automate seeding, improve seeding speed and accuracy, and reduce labor costs and labor intensity.

Taizy peanut seed planter used in groundnut farming
Taizy peanut seed planter used in groundnut farming

Peanut harvester

Taizy peanut harvester can harvest mature peanuts quickly and efficiently, greatly reducing the labor burden of farmers and improving the efficiency and quality of harvesting.

Peanut harvester machine
peanut harvester machine

Groundnut picker

The peanut picking machine can quickly and accurately pick mature peanut fruits, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional manual picking, and improving the efficiency and yield of picking.

Medium-sized peanut picker
medium-sized peanut picker

Industrial peanut sheller machine

We have peanut sheller and combined peanut shelling and cleaning machine, both can quickly and thoroughly peel off the shell of peanut, improve the processing efficiency and quality of peanut, and increase the added value of the product.

Peanut sheller and cleaner for sale
peanut sheller and cleaner for sale

Taizy peanut machinery helps start groundnut farming in Nigeria

The keys to starting a peanut farming business are site selection and land preparation, choosing the right variety, fertilizing and irrigating, and proper management and harvesting. Taizy peanut equipment plays an important role in this process, allowing for automation and efficiency from planting to harvesting.

  • Our groundnut planter helps local farmers harvest peanuts quickly during the peanut harvesting season, avoiding losses due to natural causes;
  • The peanut fruit picker can realize fast and effective separation of fruits and branches, helping growers to deal with them ahead of time;
  • Taizy peanut shelling unit can make peanut kernels available to farmers in large quantities, allowing them to get into the peanut industry ahead of time. market profitably.
Groundnut farming in nigeria
groundnut farming in Nigeria

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Our company offers a wide range of advanced peanut equipment including planter, harvester, picker and sheller to help Nigerian farmers modernize and make their peanut farming industry more efficient. Contact us for more information on taking your peanut farming business to the next level!