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Peanut Harvester and 4-Row Peanut Planter Sold to the USA

Peanut machines such as the peanut harvester and peanut planter have been exported overseas many times. Often traders from various national companies import from us for resale. This is also the case with this American customer. In January this year, he ordered a peanut harvesting machine and a peanut planter machine from us.

A basic introduction to the USA client

This American customer has his own company abroad and imports machines from China and sells them. And because he has imported from China many times, he has his own agent and shipping channels.

Why did the customer buy the peanut harvester for the USA?

Peanut harvester
peanut harvester

As a professional agricultural machinery producer and manufacturer, we have a wide range of peanut machinery. And they are widely loved by overseas customers because of their good quality, good use, and frequent export.

As stated in the introduction, this American customer has companies that sell and buy machines overseas. In the United States, of course, there is also agricultural farming, and peanut farming as well. Therefore a series of peanut machines are needed such as the peanut harvester and peanut planter machine. According to his purchase plan, it is now time to officially import some of the required peanut machinery, so he started to look for suppliers of relevant peanut machinery in China.

And our machinery is cost-effective and has been exported many times before. Anna, our personnel, showed him our successful cases in different countries and this customer placed an order directly and said he would ship to his agent for loading and export.

Peanut machine parameters for the USA

1Peanut harvester machinePeanut harvester
Model: HS-1500
Power: ≥80HP tractor
PTO splines: 6 or 8
Working width: 1500mm
Size: 3140*1770*1150
Weight: 498kg
1 set
2Peanut planterPeanut planter
Model: 2BHMF-4
Matched Power: 40-70HP
Size: 2940*1600*1300mm
Weight: 350 kg
Seedbox capacity: 10kg *4
No. of rows: 4
Space of rows: 300-350 mm
Space of seed: 80-300 mm
Productivity: 0.8-1.6 acre/h
Seeding rate: >98%
1 set

Notes to the peanut machines:

  1. The peanut harvester machine uses PTO 6.
  2. The 4-row peanut planter has the function of ridging.
  3. Payment terms: 40% as deposit paid in advance, 60% as balance paid before delivery.
  4. Delivery time: after receiving the payment, around 15 days.