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Large Capacity Peanut Sheller Delivered to Ghana

Our peanut sheller unit has various models to meet the customers’ demands. Because this kind of machine has the unctions with the cleaning and shelling, it’s welcomed in the most countries and regions. In June 2022, one customer from America purchased one 6BHX-3500 groundnut shelling machine and requested to deliver the peanut sheller to Ghana.

Introduction of the American customer

This customer is from America, but he has business-related peanuts in Ghana. Thus, he asked us about the peanut sheller and requested to send the machine to Ghana.

What details of this peanut sheller are most concerned about by the customer?

During the communication about the peanut sheller sent to Ghana, there are many details that the customer cares about.

  1. What is the machine’s power, capacity, appearance, parameter, advantages, etc?
  2. Before shelling, what is the water content of the peanuts?
  3. How about the feedback from your previous customer?
  4. How to pay safely?
  5. About the machine voltage, we confirm the local voltage patiently and detailly.
  6. What certificate does your peanut sheller have?

For no.1, our sales manager sent the machine details and introduced that the advantages of our machine, such as the moto, capacity, etc. Also, we sent one set of screens to him (free).

The customer put much concern on no.2. Our sales manager had much confidence in telling him how to do it. After getting the peanut with seedlings, expose it to the sun for few days, and then you can use the machine.

The remaining questions also were answered detailly, for example, no.6, we sent the CE certificate.

Finally, the American customer was satisfied to have cooperation with us about the peanut sheller.

How to make profits by this peanut sheller in Ghana?

After arriving in Ghana, the peanut sheller machine starts to work. Because of its large capacity, it can handle 1500-2200kg/h, with a shelling rate of ≥99%. Therefore, the peanuts are in stock, and quality peanuts are for sale. Compared to the previous periods, under the same situation, the more peanuts for sale, the more profits can make.

How does a peanut sheller work?