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Great performance of wheat thresher for sale

The wheat thresher for sale is commonly used in agricultural production to thresh rice, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, and even corn. Thus, it’s also a multifunctional threshing machine.

For farmers and growers, it is very important to choose a thresher machine for rice wheat with good performance, because it will directly affect the yield and quality of crops. So, today we will discuss the performance of the rice and wheat thresher, including cleaning rate, cleanliness, processing speed, noise during work, and machine materials.

Cleaning rate: important for the performance of the wheat thresher for sale

The cleaning rate is an important indicator to evaluate the performance of the rice and wheat thresher. It reflects how effective the machine is at threshing. The higher the clean-up rate, the better the threshing effect, and at the same time the crop loss can be reduced.

Rice wheat thresher manufacturer
rice wheat thresher manufacturer

Taizy rice wheat thresher for sale has a clean-up rate of 98% or more. And it means that the machine can effectively remove impurities, thus making the threshed rice or wheat purer. A good paddy and wheat thresher should have a high cleaning rate. Thus, Taizy paddy wheat thresher is worth buying.

Cleanliness: less damage to crops

Generally, the cleanliness reflects the degree of damage to the hull of the machine during the threshing process. If the cleanliness is high, it means that the machine can effectively protect the rice or wheat and reduce hull breakage.

The wheat thresher for sale from Taizy has a damage rate below 1.5% during the whole work, It can reduce the mixing of impurities and improve the quality of the crop. Taizy quality threshing machine can treat the crop cleanly and make it fully meet the market quality requirements.

Processing speed: machine work efficiency

The processing speed, namely work efficiency, affects the productivity of the machine. The faster the processing speed, the more productive it is, saving time and costs. A good wheat thresher for sale should have a high processing speed and be able to complete the threshing process quickly.

As a professional thresher machine manufacturer & supplier, our thresher machine for rice wheat sorghum, etc has a capacity ranging from 500-2000kg/h, which can perfectly meet your various needs.

Noise during the wheat thresher machine works

In addition, the noise of the paddy thresher at work is also a factor to be considered. Because in the actual use of the process, too much noise may affect the efficiency and health of the operator.

However, Taizy thresher machine has low noise, reducing disturbance to the surroundings and users. Also, the wheat thresher for sale can provide a more comfortable working environment and reduce workers’ fatigue.

Machine material

The quality of the machine material is directly related to the service life and stability of the machine. Our thresher machine for rice wheat is made of strong materials, thus having a long service life. Also, the machine can work stably for a long time.


All in all, the performance of a paddy thresher is a key factor in its quality and efficiency, and there are differences in performance between different machines.

Therefore, before buying a rice and wheat threshing machine, you need to fully understand and compare its performance in order to choose the product that best meets your needs. Taizy wheat thresher for sale is a good choice for related purchasers, so welcome to contact us for more machine details!