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15TPD Rice Mill Plant with Package

15tpd rice mill plant with package

Product Parameters

Machine name Elevator
Model TDTG18/07
Machine name Destoner
Model ZQS50
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Bowler
Model 4-72
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Double elevator
Model TDTG18/07*2
Machine name Rice husker
Model LG15
Power 4kw
Machine name Paddy rice separator
Model MGCZ70*5
Power 0.75kw
Machine name Rice milling machine
Model NS150
Power 15kw
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15TPD rice mill plant with package integrates destoning, rice hulling, paddy rice separating, first rice milling, second rice milling, white rice grading, and packaging. From this process, it’s clearly found that the paddy rice is milled twice. So, you can get high-quality rice. Besides, it’s a complete rice milling production line, saving labor and time. Moreover, it has high work efficiency. For this rice mill machine plant, its capacity is 15t per day, 600-700kg per hour. It can satisfy your business requirements. Welcome to contact us, we will reply to you very soon!

Structure of Automatic Rice Mill Plant with Package

15TPD rice mill plant consists of destoner, rice husker, paddy rice separator, first rice miller, second rice miller, white rice grade, packaging machine.


Which Place is Applicable for Rice Mill Plant with Package?

  1. Rice distributing station
  2. Farms
  3. Rice factory
  4. Self-employees

Advantages of 15t Integrated Rice Mill Plant with Package

  • Compact structure, attractive appearance, proper size.
  • Super quality, stable performance, low maintenance.
  • Easy operation, high degree of automation.
  • High yield, no pollution.
  • High speed of breaking shells, low vibration of the whole machine, fast rice output.

Work Flow of Rice Mill Plant with Package

This 15TPD rice mill plant with package works as follows:

  1. Feed the paddy rice into the hopper;
  2. Then, the paddy rice comes to the destoner. The blower blows the light impurities out. Through the screen, the stones among the paddy rice come outside.
  3. And then, the paddy rice comes to the rice huller through the double elevator. The rice husker functions to remove the shell of the paddy rice.
  4. Husked paddy rice reaches the paddy rice separator. Divide into three kinds: brown rice, brown rice and paddy rice, and paddy rice. Brown rice directly gets to the rice mill machine. While the brown rice and paddy rice come back to the separator through the double elevator. Last, the paddy rice directly goes to the rice husker.
  5. The rice mill machine is mill the brown rice into white rice. Also, it’s the first rice mill.
  6. Then, the second rice mill begins, for rice polishing and getting high-quality white rice.
  7. The white rice grader is to grade the whole white rice and broken white rice.
  8. Finally, the whole white rice is packed into bags by the packaging machine, ranging from 5kg to 50kg.
Working scene
working scene

Services You Will Enjoy

  1. Professional knowledge support.
  2. Timely technical support.
  3. After-sales service.
  4. Video and online guidance.
  5. Customization. According to your businesses, we offer the most suitable solutions.

Why Choose Us?

In Taizy Company, we supply not only the 15tpd rice mill plant with the package but also other types of rice mill plants. Such as 20TPD rice mill plant, 18t rice mill plant production line, etc. Compared to other manufacturers and suppliers, we have unique strengths compared to other manufacturers and suppliers.

  1. Rich experience. We’re deeply in the agricultural machine for more than decades of years.
  2. Various types of rice mill machine. Also, we have rice mill plants with different capacities.
  3. Exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Our machines have come to Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil, Madagascar, Peru, etc.
Factory display
factory display