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60TPD Rice Mill Processing Plant

60tpd rice mill processing plant

Product Parameters

Machine name Vibration cleaner
Processing capacity 6-7t/h
Rotating speed 9620r/min
Power 2*0.37kW
Machine name Destoner
Processing capacity 6-7t/h
Rotating speed 185±15r/min
Power 0.75kW
Machine name Rice huller
Processing capacity 4.2-5t/h
Rotating speed 1228-1673r/min,1108-1362r/min
Power 7.5kW
Machine name Gravity separator
Processing capacity 3.4-4t/h
Rotating speed 255±15r/min
Power 1.5kW
Machine name Rice miller
Processing capacity 2-3t/h
Rotating speed 1290r/min
Power 22-30kW
Machine name White rice grader
Processing capacity 2.5-3.5t/h
Rotating speed 150±15r/min
Power 1.1kW
Machine name Elevator
Processing capacity 2.4-3.5t/h
Rotating speed 189r/min
Power 1.1kW
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60TPD rice mill processing plant is rice processing equipment with a capacity of 60t per day. It integrates destoning, rice husking, and rice milling. This rice mill plant for sale adopts the advanced technology, thus high rate of fine rice, low broken rate. So, it’s a great rice mill machine for the rice factory, and farm owners. Also, we can provide 60tpd complete rice mill plant according to your demands. Besides, this integrated rice mill plant is supplied directly by the factory, the quality can be guaranteed. Do you have an interest in rice milling equipment? Welcome to contact us for more details!

Structure of 60tdp Integrated Rice Mill Processing Plant

In Taizy Machine Company, the 60tpd rice mill plant for sale includes cleaner, destoner, rice huller, three rice mill machines, white rice grader.

Structure of 60tpd rice mill plant
structure of 60tpd rice mill processing plant

Process Flow Chart of Rice Mill Processing Plant

From this flow chart, you can clearly see how the rice milling plant works. It significantly helps you understand the working process and be familiar with the machine plant.

Work flow of rice mill processing plant
workflow of rice mill processing plant


  • Individual machines for the 60tdp rice mill plant are displayed in one line, neat and beautiful.
  • The rice milling part of the equipment adopts advanced rice milling technology, low rice temperature, little bran, and low broken rate.
  • The main operation is concentrated on one side, convenient to operate.
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and durability.
  • Large capacity, fast speed, stable performance.
  • Different collocation. We can recommend the proper 60tpd rice mill plant to meet your requirements.

Machines that can be Equipped

Actually, 60tpd rice mill machine has different collocations to achieve your required goal. Based on this 60tpd rice mill plant, we also have other machines to collocate.

  • Rice polisher

This machine is used for the rice mill production line, functioning to make rice whiter and smoother.

The color sorter can differentiate between good white rice and mildew, black rice. For the good quality white rice, it helps a lot.

  • Packing machine

Because the final aim is the white rice for sale, the package is the necessary step. This packing machine for this rice milling plant ranges from 5kg to 50kg. Thus, it’s very practical.

From the above, we can find that a complete rice mill production line for sale has a different collocation to satisfy your business requirements.

60tpd complete rice mill production line
60tpd complete rice mill production line