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60TPD Rice Mill Processing Plant

60tpd rice mill processing plant

Product Parameters

Machine brand Taizy
Model MCTP60
Processing capacity 2200-2600kg/h
Application Paddy rice
Power 143kw
Size 13500*2900*4500mm
Service Customization; After-sales service; Drawing of rice mill; etc
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60TPD rice mill processing plant is rice processing equipment with a capacity of 60t per day. This rice mill processing unit features a high rate of fine rice and a low broken rate due to advanced technology. It integrates destoning, rice husking, rice milling, rice grading, color sorting, and packing.

So, it’s a great rice mill machine plant for the rice milling factory and farm owners. Also, we can provide 60tpd complete rice mill plant according to your demands. Besides, this commercial rice milling machine is supplied directly by the factory, so the quality can be guaranteed.

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rice mill introduction and working video

What machine is used in rice milling?

Our 60tpd rice mill processing plant comes in different configurations, with different configurations paired with different numbers of machines, but generally speaking, the equipment in the milling unit is roughly the same.

The list of machines used in rice mill is shown below:

Pre cleaner & destoner: Remove stones, soil, straw, grass seeds and other impurities from the paddy. Using screening and wind sorting, it ensures that the paddy entering the next process is clean and free of impurities.

Rice huller: Separate the outer shell (husk) from the inner kernel (brown rice) of the paddy using mechanical force to realize the dehulling process.

Gravity paddy separator: Effectively separate the mixture (brown rice and bran) obtained after hulling, to separate the brown rice from the bran and improve the purity of brown rice.

Rice milling machine: Adopting the principle of milling, the bran layer on the surface of brown rice is gradually removed without destroying the endosperm of rice, and white rice is obtained. Depending on the requirements of the process, it may be necessary to go through several polishing processes to ensure quality.

Polishing machine: Polish the milled rice to further remove the residual microscopic bran and give the rice a smooth and bright appearance to enhance its commodity value.

Rice grader: According to the size, shape and quality of the rice particles, screening and classification are carried out to ensure that the final product is of uniform specification and meets the requirements of different markets for rice grain size.

Color sorter: Identify and reject defective products such as different colored grains and diseased grains through photoelectric sensors, to improve the overall quality and food safety of the finished rice.

Packing machine: Automatic weighing, filling, sealing and marking, completing the standardized packaging of the products, which is convenient for transportation, storage and sale.

Technical Parameters of Modern Rice Mill Plant

Machine name60TPD rice mill plant
Applicable grainPaddy rice
technical parameters of rice mill processing plant for sale

Structure of 60tpd Auto Rice Mill Processing Plant for Sale

In Taizy Machine Company, the 60tpd modern rice mill plant for sale includes cleaner, destoner, rice huller, three rice mill machines, white rice grader.

Structure of 60tpd rice mill plant
structure of 60tpd rice mill processing plant

Process Flow Chart of Rice Mill Processing Plant

From this flow chart, you can see how the rice milling plant works. It significantly helps you understand the working process and be familiar with the machine plant.

Work flow of rice mill processing plant
workflow of rice mill processing plant

Advantages of Combined Rice Mill Machine

  • Individual machines for the 60tdp rice mill plant are displayed in one line, neat and beautiful.
  • The rice milling part of the equipment adopts advanced rice milling technology, low rice temperature, little bran, and low broken rate.
  • The main operation is concentrated on one side, convenient to operate.
  • Energy saving, environmental protection, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and durability.
  • Large capacity, fast speed, stable performance.
  • Different collocation. We can recommend the proper 60tpd rice mill plant to meet your requirements.

Optional Machines for Complete Rice Mill Unit

60tpd rice mill processing plant machine has different collocations to achieve your required goal. Based on this 60tpd rice mill plant, we also have other machines to collocate.

Rice polisher

This machine is used for the rice mill production line, functioning to make rice whiter and smoother.

Color sorter

The color sorter can differentiate between good white rice and mildew, black rice. For the good quality white rice, it helps a lot.

Packing machine

Because the final aim is the white rice for sale, the package is the necessary step. This packing machine for this rice milling plant ranges from 5kg to 50kg. Thus, it’s very practical.

From the above, we can find that a complete rice mill production line for sale has a different collocation to satisfy your business requirements.

60tpd complete rice mill production line
60tpd complete rice mill production line

Service Offered on Combined Rice Milling Machine

For rice milling units, the following range of services can be provided:

  • Equipment sales and customization: Provide complete sets of rice mill processing plant equipment with different output scales, such as 15TPD rice mill unit, 25TPD, etc., and can customize rice milling machines with special specifications and configurations according to your needs.
  • Technical consultation and design: According to your specific needs, raw material characteristics and site conditions, we provide professional rice milling production line design and technical consulting services.
  • After-sales support and maintenance: Free repair or replacement of faulty parts during the warranty period of the equipment; provide timely technical support and paid maintenance services outside the warranty period.
  • Parts supply: Long-term supply of all kinds of original spare parts required by the rice mill processing plant, to ensure the quality and compatibility of the replacement parts required in the process of using the equipment.

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