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Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine for Aquarium

Floating fish feed extruder machine for aquarium

Product Parameters

Model DGP-40
Capacity 40-50kg/h
Main power 7.5kW
Cutter power 0.4kW
Feed supply power 0.4kW
Screw diameter 40mm
Size 1260*860*1250mm
Weight 290kg
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Our fish feed extruder, also called floating fish feed pellet machine, can produce fish food pellets by heating and expanding with a certain proportion of various kinds of cornmeal, fishmeal, flour and other mixes. This fish feed pellet making machine can not only produce feed for aquatics like fish but also pet food like dogs and cats.

In addition, this fish feed pelleting machine can use electric motor or diesel engine to produce floating and sinking material, just need to replace the screw sleeve. It has a capacity of 40-450kg per hour. The feed pellet size ranges from 1-13mm, and we can customize the size and shape for you.

Our fish food pellet machine sells well at home and abroad, such as in Peru, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Malaysia, Belgium, etc. If you want to do fish feed pellets production, welcome to contact us at any time.

floating fish feed pellet machine working video

What are the Parameters of the Fish Feed Pellet Machine?

From the below table, you can find there are different types. When you need this fish feed extruder machine, please tell us your requirements, machine capacity, machine configuration, machine power, etc., our sales manager will provide the most suitable plan with professional knowledge.

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight
technical parameters of floating fish feed extruder machine

Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine for Sale

As a professional agro machine company, we have various floating fish food machines for sale. Generally speaking, we have GDP-40, GDP-60, GDP-70, GDP-80, GDP-100, GDP-100. If you have requirements for a larger capacity, we have the fish feed production line available. Welcome to contact us for more clarifications!

Progress Video for Producing Floating Fish Feed

From mixing the raw materials to producing the animal feed, every step has a very clear description. And in the end, after completing production, the video states how to clean the machine. Through this video, you can understand how to use the fish feed extruder to produce the feed pellets you want.

floating fish feed production process

After you have produced a certain amount of fish food pellets, the mould may clog up with ingredients. At this time, you need to clean the mould of the fish feed pellet making machine, the exact cleaning process is shown in the video:

fish feed molds cleaning process

Applications of the Fish Feed Extruder

Taizy floating fish feed pellet machine can produce various feed pellets, used for various areas. This machine can produce various feed pellets for animals, aquatic feed, pet feed, etc. For example, all kinds of fish, turtles, birds, pet dogs and cats, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Fish Feed Extruder Design and Parts

To be honest, the fish food manufacturing machines have three parts, respectively feeder, extrusion device, and electronic control system.

Among them, the extrusion puffing device is the core part of the extruder. The corresponding combination is selected according to different uses. That is, extruding different materials and different discharging methods.

The electronic control system is fixed separately. According to the power size of the host and the feeding form, the configuration is also different.

Structure of fish feed pellet mill
structure of fish feed pellet mill

Spotlights of Floating Fish Feed Machine

  1. Strong adaptability. This dry wet fish feed extruder can adapt to different production needs, from small small electric fish feed extruder machine to large feed production. Large and medium-sized floating feed extruder machine can use the machine for raw material processing or special feed production.
  2. Wide application range. Such as the detoxification of puffed full-fat soybean, puffed corn, cotton meal (or rapeseed meal) or puffed pet feed, aquatic feed, fox feed, or other special feed.
  3. Applicable to different materials. This machine is equipped with an automatic speed-adjusting feeder, and the feeding amount can be changed according to the situation.
  4. Simple structure, great practicability, exquisite appearance.
  5. Easy operation, convenient to maintain.
Dry type fish feed extruder-dgp-80
dry type fish feed extruder-DGP-80

What Affects Fish Feed Extruder Machine Price?

Configurations. Because the configuration of the pellet machine varies. Output, power, etc. can affect the configuration of the fish pellet machine. For example, a small electric fish feed extruder machine price is cheaper than a large one.

Functions. This fish feed floating pellet making machine is fully functional and can produce different feed pellets. The production of different particles requires corresponding molds. This is also a factor that affects the price.

Materials. This machine uses high-quality materials, therefore the machine has high quality and long service life, and the price will be relatively high

Why is Taizy Agro the Top Choice for the Floating Fish Feed Extruder?

  • CE certificate. Our floating fish feed mill has the CE certificate, which states the machine is of good quality. And, it complies with the relevant regulations and rules.
  • Professional staff. Persons working in our company have professional knowledge and can offer the best solutions. Our sales managers always can find the most suitable solution to facilitate your business.
  • After-sales service. Actually, after receiving the machine, after-sales service is also very important. We provide 24-hour service so you can find us anytime.
Professional team
professional team

Operation Precautions of the Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Machine

  1. During production, it is forbidden to stand in front of the discharge port of the extruder.
  2. Operators should wear high-temperature-resistant gloves to prevent burns.
  3. Before starting the equipment, it should be confirmed that the tools and other items are removed from the extruder.
  4. During the operation of the equipment, the operator should frequently inspect the operation of the entire unit, and adjust it in time if any abnormality is found.
  5. After the machine is stopped, when disassembling the discharge box, be careful to prevent anyone in front of the machine head, so as to avoid being burned by the steam in the machine.

Successful Case: Floating Fish Feed Making Machine for World Market

Fish Pellet Making Machine Exported to Nigeria

This year our sales manager Grace received a customer inquiry about the price of a fish feed extruder machine in Nigeria. He runs a small feed mill and wants to buy an extruder machine for fish feed. So Grace sent relevant working videos and photos.

In fact, he was very concerned about the size of the fish feed pellets. Grace explained it to him. Our machine discharge hole diameter series are φ1mm, φ1.5mm, φ2mm, φ3mm, φ3.5mm, φ4mm, φ5mm, φ6.8mm. Users can choose from them. After that, the Nigerian customer signed a contract with us and paid a deposit. He was also very satisfied after receiving the machine.

Packaging and shipping-fish pellet making machine
packaging and shipping-fish pellet making machine

Small floating fish feed machine for Cameroon

The diesel-driven fish feed pellet machine we launched has been successfully sold to Cameroon. This machine has won the favor of local farmers with its powerful power and efficient production performance. It can convert all kinds of fish feed ingredients into nutritious pellets, helping the development of Cameroon’s fishery industry and enhancing the benefits of farming.

We have many successful cases, list some below:

Hot-selling fish feed pelleting machine sold to Mozambique 

New-type floating fish feed pellet machine for Burkina Faso

Inquiry About Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine!

Do you know how to produce high-quality fish food feed? Hurry up and contact us! We will provide you with the most suitable solution and the best offer.