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Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

Straw cutter and grain grinder

Product Parameters

Model 9ZF-500B (New Type)
Matching screens 4pcs(2/3/10/30)
Matching power 3kW motor
Motor speed 2800rpm
Machine weight 68kg(excluding motor)
Rated voltage 220V
Machine output 1200kg/h
Overall dimensions 1220*1070*1190mm
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This series of straw cutter and grain grinder achieves multi-purpose use, allowing for guillotine and grain crushing. This guillotine features high performance, low noise, high output, safety and stability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, sturdiness and durability. The chaff cutter and grinder combined machine can not only crush dry and wet straw, rice straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, various grasses, but also cereals such as grains, peanut shells, corn cobs, sweet straw heads, etc. The crushed finished product can be used as animal feed. Therefore, the machine is suitable for small and medium-sized factories, but also for domestic use.
Our machines are also very popular abroad, for example in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Peru, Dubai, South Africa, Lesotho, etc.

Type One: 9ZF-500B (New Type) Chaff Cutter and Grinder Machine

This guillotine grinder has five ports, three of which are outlets and two of which are inlets. This machine is easy to operate, has a wide processing range and is capable of crushing a wide range of crops. It has a good crushing effect on the material and has a long storage time. Therefore, it is ideal for use on farms.

Combined hay cutter and grain grinder
combined hay cutter and grain grinder

Structure of Straw Crusher and Grain Grinder

This grass cutting and grinding machine consists of three outlets, one at the top, one at the middle and one at the bottom, and inlets for grass and cereals respectively. The machine is equipped with a pure copper motor and moving wheels to facilitate the movement of the machine. Among the three outlets, the upper one is for dry grass, the middle one for wet grass and the lower one for cereals. The screen can be withdrawn when the grass is cut separately.

Structure of straw cutting and grain grinding machine
structure of straw cutting and grain grinding machine

Technical Specifications of the Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

Model9ZF-500B (New Type)
Matching screens4pcs(2/3/10/30)
Matching power3kW motor
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight68kg(excluding motor)
Rated voltage220V
Machine output1200kg/h
Overall dimensions1220*1070*1190mm

Type Two: 9ZF-500B Chaff Cutter and Crusher

Compared to the above machine, this one is simpler and its performance is the same. The coarseness of the crushed material is controlled by the size of the sieve holes when this straw cutter and grain grinder machine is crushed. And the sieve can be replaced. It is also possible to customise the screens according to customer requirements.

Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine
chaff cutter and grain crusher machine

Structure of Chaff Cutting and Grain Grinding Machine

The straw cutter machine and grain crusher is composed of a guillotine inlet, a grain inlet, a high spray outlet, a crushing outlet, and a belt protector, a pure copper core motor, and mobile castors. Some configurations can be customised according to customer requirements. Please call for details.

Construction of combined chaff cutter
construction of combined chaff cutter

Technical Parameters of the Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

Matching screens4pcs
Matching power3kW motor
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight55kg(excluding motor)
Overall dimensions920*930*1250mm
Machine output1200kg/h
Crushing efficiency300-500kg/h
Number of blades3pcs
Flinging knives24pcs
Triangular rubbing knives18pcs
Feeding methodmanual feeding
Discharge effectSoft silky/Powder

Type Three: 9ZF-1800 Combined Straw Cutter and Grinder Machine

From the shape, it is obvious that this staw cutter machine has a higher discharge opening than the other two models. This machine is much leaner and longer and has a higher frame in comparison. It is also very easy to operate.

Multifunctional chaff cutter
multifunctional chaff cutter

Structure of Combined Straw Cutter and Crusher Machine

This straw cutter and grain grinder is composed of a high discharge port, a low discharge port, a grain inlet, a chaff inlet, motor and movable casters.

Structure details of grass cutting machine
structure details of grass cutting machine

Technical Specifications of the Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

Matching power3kW single-phase motor
Motor speed2800rpm
Machine weight75kg(excluding motor)
Rated voltage220V
Machine output1800kg/h
Applicable scopecows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and other livestock

How does Straw Cutting and Corn Grinding Machine Mill Grains?

Benefits of Grass Cutting and Grain Grinder

  • Thickened manganese steel blade, strong and sturdy and durable.
  • Pure copper core motor, providing full power and long service life.
  • Because of sturdy stand, the motor is placed more firmly, and works more stable.
  • Thickened straw feeder, longer and wider, makes feeding more convenient and quicker.
  • Grain inlet, thicker and stronger, more durable.
  • Wide range of materials produced for feeding, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks and geese, etc.

Installation & Commissioning of the Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder

  1. The straw cutter and grain grinder machine should be installed on a flat and solid site.
  2. Equippe and instaledl the motor according to the specified requirements.
  3. Before installing the belt, check whether the direction of rotation of the indexing power is consistent with the cutting direction of the chaff cutter. Confirm that it is correct and then adjust the installation belt and make it properly tightened.
  4. Before starting the straw crusher and grainder, check and adjust the gap between the moving and fixed knives, so that the gap is adjusted and controlled at 0.8 mm or less without bumping, and then lock the bolts.
  5. After all parts are adjusted normally and confirmed to be correct, turn on the power for trial operation. And check whether there is any looseness in the fastener connection of each part and whether there is any abnormal sound in each rotating part.

Successful Case: 20 Sets of Straw Cutter and Grain Crusher Exported to Peru

The Peruvian customer has a large farm raising cattle and chickens. He wanted to buy the straw cutter and grain grinder for animal breeding. Our sales manager, Emily, sent him the relevant parameters of the machine, videos and photos etc. After looking at this information, the Peruvian customer proposed some modifications to the machine (4 large wheels, hopper with baffles). We made a sample and sent him photos and a video to confirm. In the end, the Peruvian customer gave us an order for 20 units, which we delivered to his destination according to his requirements.

Customized straw cutter and grinder
customized straw cutter and grinder
Package-straw cutter and grain grinder machine


Q: What kind of motivation is needed for the straw cutter and grain grinder?

A: Diesel enigne, electric motor, gasoline engine. It’s equipped based on the machine.

Q: Internal with 4 screens, can the screens be changed?

A: The screens can be customised according to customer requirements.

Q: 9ZF-500(new type) combined grass grain grinder has three outlets, how does the forage come out?

A: The grass comes out of the top and middle outlets, and the grain comes out of the bottom outlet.

Q: What parts are available as options?

A: Wheels and protective cover.

Q: Why is the machine frame movable?

A: Because the belt gets loose with prolonged use, and moving the frame can tighten the belt.

Working Video of Taizy Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder