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Mobile Grain Dryer for Rice Wheat Corn Drying

Mobile grain dryer for rice wheat corn drying

Product Parameters

Available types Mobile grain dryer with single bin or double bins
Capacity 10-240t per 24 hours
Applicable crops Corn, wheat, beans, rice, sorghum, rapeseed, grains
Fuel for burner Coal, diesel, methanol, biomass, electricity
Warranty period 1 year
Service After-sales service; customization; on-site installation and guidance
Advantages Low maintenance cost, high-speed batch drying, cost-effective
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Our mobile grain dryer is specially designed for various crops drying, such as rice, wheat, maize, soybeans, etc. The main function is to quickly and effectively remove water from newly harvested grain to ensure that the grain reaches a safe moisture content before warehousing and storage to prevent losses such as mould, germination and insect damage.

Our portable grain drying machine is available in single and double bins, with outputs ranging from 10t to 240t per 24 hours. If want to know more information, welcome to contact us now!

working video of mobile grain dryer

Available types of mobile grain dryer machine for sale

Grain dryer with single silo

ModelsPower(kw)Weight(T)Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)Capacity (T/24h)Fuel for burning furnace
1T8.324600*1800*350010TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
2T112.85100*2000*380020TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
4T194.55400*2100*390040TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
6T245.35600*2100*430060TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
8T286.56000*2100*580080TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
10T327.46000*2100*5800100TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
technical specifications of small grain dryers with single bin

Batch grain drying machine with double bins

ModelsPower(kw)Weight(T)Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)Capacity (T/24h)Fuel for burning furnace
2T+2T154.27500*2000*380040TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
4T+4T2378500*2100*380080TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
6T+6T278.59500*2100*3900120TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
8T+8T329.811000*2100*4300160TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
12T+12T371512000*2100*6800240TCoal, diesel, gas, electricity
technical data of small grain dryers with double silos
Mobile corn maize drying machine
mobile corn maize drying machine

Difference between single bin and double bins:

  • Single bin: The drying time for each bin is 2.5-3 hours, (because there is a grain feeding and discharging time). Each bin will waste excess heat. The cost of drying is slightly higher. It occupies a small area, is small in size, compact and lightweight.
  • Double bins: The drying time for each bin is 2 hours. Two bins alternately load and release grain without any interval. The output is high and the heat is fully utilized, which greatly reduces the drying cost.

Applicable crops to be dried by mobile grain drying machine

Our batch grain dryer for sale is stuibale to dry wheat, sorghum, maize, rice, grains, rapeseed and beans.

Crops that can be dried by small grain dryer
crops that can be dried by small grain dryer

Commercial crop dryer design

This kind of mobile grain dryer consists of silo, ladder, feed port, oven, cyclone, traller, conbinet, wheels, fans, etc.

Structure of mobile grain drying machine
structure of mobile grain drying machine

The grain bins are all stainless steel, the advantages of stainless steel silos:

  • Not afraid of fog and water corrosion, high hardness and wear resistance.
  • It will not rust and cause large-area rust spots, and will not affect the quality of the grain.
  • After using it for one year, the stainless steel for the nest year is still as new as ever!

Differences between mobile grain drying machine and tower grain dryer

TypesMobile crop dryerTower grain dryer
Noise when workingSmallBig
Occupying spaceLowHigh
Conveient to moveIt has wheels, easy to moveOnce installation, it’s hard to move
Maintenance costEasy to move, protected from wind and rain, relatively lowIt is exposed to wind and sun all year round, and the annual maintenance cost is very high.
differences list of two types of grain dryers

How about mobile grain dryer price?

The price of a mobile grain dryer is affected by several factors, key of which include machine model, production capacity, burner type and whether it is customized or not.

  • Models and capacities: The price of different models and capacities of maize dryers varies significantly due to the cost of manufacturing materials, technical level and processing capacity. Generally speaking, large and high-production rice dryers will have a higher selling price due to their high efficiency and large-capacity design.
  • Fuel for burning furnace: The selection of burner type will also affect the price, such as the use of gas, diesel, electricity or biomass fuel burner, there is a difference in operating costs, environmental performance and equipment acquisition costs.
  • Customization: Whether the mobile grain dryer provides personalized customization service is also an important indicator to determine its price. Additional customization options such as an intelligent control system, accurate humidity monitoring system or durable materials for special-use environments will make the price increase.

To sum up, when purchasing mobile grain dryers, you should consider your own production needs, expected efficiency, energy consumption costs and personalized configurations to ensure that you meet the actual needs while reasonably controlling investment costs.

Taizy: a credited grain dryer manufacturer

With its professional technology, rich product range, high-quality standards, flexible customization capability and comprehensive after-sales service system, we become a trustworthy supplier of grain dryers in the domestic and international agricultural fields.

  • Professional technical strength: Taizy has a strong technical research and development team and advanced manufacturing process, continuous innovation and optimisation of product design, to ensure that the production of mobile grain dryers in terms of performance, efficiency and energy saving have reached the industry’s leading level.
  • Personalized customized service: We are good at customized design according to customers’ specific conditions and needs, including burner type selection, heat source matching, intelligent control system configuration, etc., to meet the needs of diversified markets.
  • Perfect after-sales service: Taizy promises to provide customers with a worry-free service experience, including but not limited to installation and commissioning, operation training, after-sales maintenance and technical support, to ensure that the corn dryer operates efficiently and stably throughout the whole use cycle.
  • International recognition and cooperation: As a reputable brand, Taizy has not only established a solid position in the domestic market, but also won wide acclaim in the international market. It has established long-term cooperation with enterprises in many countries and regions, which proves the competitiveness of its products and international vision.

FAQ of mobile grain drying machine

What material is the cereal dryer?

The mobile grain bin is stainless steel. The heating part is carbon steel.

How about advantages of stainless steel and galvanized steel?

Benefits of stainless steel: When the machine is running, water vapor will come out. Stainless steel is not afraid of corrosion and will not have rust spots. Even if it is used up this year, it will be fine for the second year after the machine is put away.
Benefits of galvanized steel: It’s cheap but it will rust.

What crops can dry? How many degrees is the temperature? Can control temperature control?

Our mobile grain dryer can dry corn, wheat, beans, rice, sorghum and rapeseed.
Our dryer are hot air drying, and will not destroy the quality of grain. Do not affect the color. Grains can be eaten.
Corn temperature: 100-140 degrees
Wheat temperature: 80-90 degrees
Rice temperature: 60-70 degrees
Sorghum temperature: 100-140 degrees
Beans temperature: 100 degrees
Grain temperature: 80 degrees (with 1mm mesh)
Rapeseed temperature: 100 degrees (with 1mm mesh)

What can be used for the heat source?

Coal, diesel, methanol, biomass, electricity.

How long is the warranty?

The whole machine warranty of one year.

If I don’t know how to use it, can you come to my factory to install it?

If you do not know how to use it, we are door-to-door installation and debugging, but to reimburse the travelling expenses and basic food and accommodation.